Harry Potter Spoof, Day 14

Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball (Photo credit: Jeffrey Beall)

We find our heroes having to make amends with Jill and facing the school after their stint in the Sand Dunes. (but who am I kidding; there will be NO reconciliation here!) Also, someone else is attempting to go after the Magician’s Crystal, but I won’t say who. That’ll give away the story.

To start, Jill lays into the trio for not calling for help while they were trapped in the sand dunes, but that’s the least of their problems. There is still the matter of the Magician’s Crystal and Snibblepore’s warning regarding the Third Building: “And a word from the mayor of this town regarding his last tour of Warthogpox High a few months ago: he says that the third building is strictly out of bounds for anyone who doesn’t want to suffer an unfortunate death.”

That rule is about to be broken, no thanks to Harry, Pun, and Hildegarde.

Anyway, the Grim Trio, still not attending classes, cause even more trouble when they inadvertently break into a closet and find all kinds of magical objects that Silch had confiscated from many students. Pun believes that this was a conspiracy to hide the city’s magical origins and Harry believes that the magical material might provide answers to questions regarding the deaths of his parents.

Thus, we have a confrontation between Harry Moffer and Halfus Snibblepore.


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