Anti-Harry Potter Fanfiction Stories

Alnwick Castle, the castle used for filming ex...

Alnwick Castle, the castle used for filming exterior shots of Hogwarts in the Potter films. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is a growing list of anti Harry Potter fan fiction stories that I have written so far…

  1. Harry Potter & Merlin’s School of Magic: In which Harry Potter never attended Hogwarts, nor does he use his birth name, but he ends up getting sucked into the wizarding world.
  2. No Stones for Sorcerers: The first story in the Harry Potter Redux Saga. Harry grows up with a completely different Dursley family; as such, he goes to Hogwarts and goes into another house, becoming the wizard that Dumbledore did NOT expect.
  3. Away in England: A remake of the first fanfiction I ever wrote. American Lydia Morrison is sent to her English relatives after being kicked out of school for excessive daydreaming. An unexpected twist has her leaving her relatives and going to Hogwash School of Magic & Mastery, where she makes new friends and challenges the famous boy wizard Harry Protter.

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