Harry Potter Parody, Day 13

Harry Moffer 6

Harry Moffer 6 (Photo credit: claireviolet82)

Before I describe the next chapter, here’s what I had planed for the rest of the book:

  1. Chapter 12: The Horror in the Dunes
  2. Chapter 13: What’s in the Closet?
  3. Chapter 14: One Magician’s Crystal to Rule Them All
  4. Chapter 15: Faked Out
  5. Chapter 16:  Well, This Story Sucks, But At Least It’s Much Better Than the Alternative
  6. To Be Continued…

There will also be several fake reviews and messages as well as a fake library full of fake stories. Plus, a sneak peak at the next book, which is called Harry Moffer & the Really Stupid Sequel. So there you have it.

Chapter 12 describes Pun’s descent into madness as well as an attack on the Grim Trio by the dreaded skeleton-ducks. The skeleton-ducks are terrible creatures that re covered in orange scales and have bodies that are shaped like a chicken. Their faces resemble that of a turtle and their eyes remind you of a dog’s. They have a sail fin on their back and webbed feet.

Plus, skeleton-ducks will eat ANYTHING that falls into the Sand Dunes.

Before the kids could get eaten by the monsters, Jill’s search party reaches them just in time. The story can now continue.


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