Harry Potter Spoof, Day 15

Top hat as an icon for magic

Top hat as an icon for magic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And here, we have the long-awaited meeting between Harry Moffer and Halfus Snibblepore…

Snibblepore claims to have knowledge of everything the kids have done in school, but in reality, he didn’t even know about the restricted section in the library, nor does he know that Silch had been mistreating the students. He refuses to fire Silch.

Harry forces the truth about his parents’ deaths out of Snibblepore, and he claims that there was a second baby who was with the Moffer family the night that Hames and Linny Moffer were killed, but no one knows if Harry had a brother or not. Harry swears to get his revenge.

That evening, the Grim Trio faces Jill, who is trying to break into the Third Building. She defeats them easily and claims that Harry is responsible for the death of her grandfather, Paumer.

Just then, Professor Wom Dibble is seen with a fake version of the Magician’s Crystal. Snibblepore had hidden the real crystal in a safe place. Dibble accuses Harry of ruining his life; he was once known as a stage magician named Gourd Maldycart until the accident that killed Harry’s parents destroyed his life and career.

Jill attacks the Grim Trio and humiliates them as Dibble continues to complain about his lost career. Jill puts her foot down when Dibble wishes to kill Harry and destroys the Third Building.

And that’s how this chapter ends.


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