Hairy Polarity and the Sinister Sorcery Satire

via Hairy Polarity and the Self-Mocking Fundie Satire.

Here’s a graphic novel which is an entertaining yet cautionary tale against the evils of Harry Potter, but only tamer. A man named Tim Todd has given us this parody, which you can actually buy from his website. He says that if we aren’t careful, we could unleash all kinds of evils in the world.

The story is about a boy named Ari Potiphar, who is a huge fan of the Hairy Polarity series. He and his best friend, Minnie Manger, often spend their time reading the Hairy Polarity books. Ari’s parents, who are rightly concerned for their son’s safety, warn him to stop reading the books and stop hanging out with Minnie, and to spend time with his Christian friends.  Ari disobeys them and he and Minnie are eventually sucked away into a world where the evils of witchcraft are all too real and the kids are forced to battle for their souls.

Before the story ends, both Ari and Minnie learn a huge lesson about being careful of what to read and to listen to their parents. Plus, the author is saying that it’s better to trust Jesus and reject evil.

Maybe it’s best if we listened to our parents and the pastor of the church.

Website to view the book:


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