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Well, here’s a news article about how and why we just can’t let go of the things we love. I am beginning to wonder if I should just fire up the Delorean and go back to 1997 and prevent the Harry Potter books from being published. (Maybe then  people will be better off without that boy wizard turned spoiled brat.)

Anyway, my opinion of this article is that no one wants to let go of Harry Potter. I  mean, we should have been finished with the story about fifteen years ago. I honestly think that the books never should have been made into movies in the first place.

But that’s just me.

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Ideas To Explore in a Next-Gen/Future Harry Potter Story or Roleplay – Springhole.net

via Ideas To Explore in a Next-Gen/Future Harry Potter Story or Roleplay – Springhole.net.

I found this on Springhole.Net and decided that this could be useful for when you want to do a Harry Potter story set in the future(or maybe not)

Harry Potter’s story takes place during the 1990s. But we want to write a future story. But according to the article, this could be a problem for the following reasons:

  1. You can’t bring your Smartphone into Hogwarts. OR you can use magic to make your Smartphone work. No matter what, there are no Muggle-made devices allowed at Hogwarts. (Or wizards could ban Muggle things altogether.)
  2. Secrecy is harder, as Muggles could film someone doing magic with their Smartphones and upload the video onto YouTube.
  3. Muggle-born wizards and witches’ lives are ruined by Hogwarts (plus, going to Hogwarts compromises said Muggle-born’s future in the Muggle world)
  4. Even better, Muggles seem to have it easier than wizards; since Muggles are technologically advanced and wizards are a century and a half behind.

Maybe that’ll discourage you from writing Harry Potter next generation fanfiction, or at least make you rethink the world of Harry Potter altogether. (I was already rethinking Harry Potter long before this list came out.)

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Hooray! We have survived a whole year without Harry Potter!

Harry Potter & the Methods of Rationality movi...

Harry Potter & the Methods of Rationality movie poster (Photo credit: claireviolet82)

Well, we have done the impossible. We have lived through an entire year without listening to the words “Harry Potter“.

Doesn’t that feel great? I know I’m feeling fantastic, seeing as I’m recuperating from having to hear about Harry Potter, and I was getting tired of it. But if we can go through 2012 without Harry Potter, than we can endure the the rest of our lives without Harry Potter.

Anyway, let’s get back to the real reason why we have this blog in the first place.

The Alternative Harry Potter Story the 1990’s Generation Should Have Read

Cover of "The Wizard"

Cover of The Wizard

If you wanted to know what story the world could have been reading IF Harry Potter had never been published or it was rejected by the general public, then look no further than here.

Here is a short list of what the story looks like:

Emerald Magic; also known as the Harry Potter story of the 1990s

Written in 1987
Published in 1989
Titled “Emerald Magic”

Five books published in total
Published 1990-1995
part of a series titled “Legend of the Wizard

Written by Cameron Quigley

Book titles: Emerald Magic, Crystal Gold, Mystic Infinity, Stony Seas, and Eternal Realm

Centers on a 12-year-old boy named Caleb Ketterbridge
Has Asperger’s, family keeps him isolated, he has no friends
During a stormy night, his parents are slain and Caleb is kidnapped
Caleb ends up at Castlehead Academy of Magic outside of Bavaria

Caleb finds out that his parents aren’t his real parents; his true parents are fairies
He makes new friends and begins his education

A mystery surrounding his birth surfaces
Caleb sets off to solve the mystery and find his parents
An evil wizard plots to kidnap Caleb and use him for his own gains
Caleb is rumored to be a powerful fairy who could save the fairy kingdom from doom
Caleb must decide to use his new-found powers for good or evil

“The Emerald Magic” becomes a bestseller and it produced four sequels
It also became a hit movie in 1998, which is now a cult classic

Well, as soon as I have the story put together, I’ll post it here.

A New Era

Harry Potter 2011 Blu Ray Years 1-8 Box Set Cover

Harry Potter 2011 Blu Ray Years 1-8 Box Set Cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the beginning of a new era, and this new era will be glorious, because we will never again have to hear the words “OMG THE NEW HARRY POTTER MOVIE IS COMING OUT IN SEVEN MONTHS!!!

We here at The Blog That Made No Sense are happy to announce that this is the year 2012, and this year, there is no more Harry Potter for us to deal with at all. In fact, we now have Tyler Potter to deal with as we focus on building his unusual world from beginning to end.

This year, we are turning off the Harry Potter and turning on the other fan fiction that we think is better than Harry Potter and all that it implies. Hopefully, there will be less Harry and more original fantasy.