Space Wizards

Did you know that Tyler Potter came from a popular 1990’s cartoon? Of course this is all fake, but for the sake of this story, we will discuss the cartoon “Space Wizards“.

The cartoon “Space Wizards” was based off the 1989 movie, which unfortunately, flopped in theaters. But the people loved it, so the TV station Jollywood Studios converted the movie into a cartoon series in 1991 and unleashed it in 1992.


In the world of Aganaea (which is a steampunk alternative of planet Earth) a young boy named Tyler Potter dreams of going to the Valport Academy of Enchanted Planetology, which is located in the city of Mistvale. However, the cost of sending him to the academy is expensive and the school doesn’t accept children from the lower social status. Tyler has no idea of who his parents were and all he can safely recall in his past was an explosion in the Damino Valley and himself being found by a poor couple named Bobbie and Corinne Ceveland in the small village of Hillmill.

At the time of this story, Tyler is 15 years old and he was doing chores when he discovered a young girl named Esperanza Melva Conway hiding out on his family farm. Esperanza had been on the run from the Unbots, which was a race of assassins from the underground world. The Unbots had attacked her village (Yunox), killing her parents and enslaving scores of people. Tyler has to hide her from the village and his foster parents since the villagers think the Yunox clan were cruel due to their superior ways and how they had treated the Hillmill clan years earlier.

Within a few weeks, a group of representatives from the academy come to Hillmill looking for any orphans so that they could be educated under King Raphael James Lorenzo del Mondegund’s “Educate An Orphan Program“. This program was intended for children aged 8-12, but for some reason, Tyler impresses Headmaster Lore Maxim and thus gains acceptance into the academy. In Esperanza’s case, however, the headmaster refuses to even consider her entry to the school, seeing as she came from the Yunox clan and the clan was to be punished because they had betrayed the planet to the Cronobinders many years before.

Tyler goes to the academy and he meets Herminia Spencer, Jordon Everett, Mervin Kramer, Nanette Tate, and Brianna Snow. They all got on crazy adventures between classes, such as hunting for hidden treasure, solving the hardest of mysteries, and even trying to get along with Esperanza and trying to locate the Yunox who had escaped from the massacre of their village. But when a cover up is revealed and crimes are exposed, can Tyler and his friends save the day?

Well, that was the cartoon…until the year 1993 came and passed.

Then, for no reason, the show was pulled off the air and replaced by a group of kids who just sat around the house and did nothing very exciting.

Such was life back then.

But not other worry, for the story “Space Wizards” is about to be revamped for a new group of people to enjoy…mainly those who now hate Harry Potter.

And before I forget, here’s a picture of the cast…

From left to right: Esperanza Convay, Jordon Everett, Herminia Spenser, Tyler Potter, Nanette Tate, Mervin Kramer, and Brianna Snow

8 reasons to fear Tyler Potter

Tyler, Marty, & Coco

Tyler, Marty, & Coco (Photo credit: claireviolet82)

And here we have 8 reasons why we should all be afraid of Tyler Potter:

  1. Tyler was already a wizard; in fact, he was featured in an obscure 1989 movie called “Space Wizards“.
  2. Tyler’s flying skills put Harry Potter’s skills to shame.
  3. Tyler doesn’t quail at the thought of fighting the Dark Lord.
  4. Tyler doesn’t marry the fangirl.
  5. Tyler is smart enough to figure out early on that Dumbledore was a stupid jerk who tried to rule over his life.
  6. Tyler tries to break down all prejudices between people.
  7. Tyler has better things to do besides act selfish.
  8. Tyler Potter would OWN Harry Potter!!

The Origins of Tyler Potter

Ten Little Wizards

Image via Wikipedia

So, where did Tyler Potter come from?

According to this blog, Tyler was first featured in a show called “Space Wizards“, in which Tyler is a 15-year-old boy living in a steampunk world called Aganaea and he is sent to a special boarding school to learn to become a space wizard. But when he gets to the school, he discovers that there has been a cover up and a student reappears after disappearing years before.

He came from an early 1990’s cartoon. Not made up for the sake of being in a story that didn’t make any sense.

Later on, we will be exploring Tyler’s world and how and why Tyler was picked to play in a role that would have even the most seasoned reader screaming in agony.

STMNS News Article

Tyler, Marty, & Coco

Image by claireviolet82 via Flickr

Is This the New “Golden Trio”? by Lucy Moore

January 12, 2011

A few years ago, fan fiction writer Claire Violet Thorpe had decided to write a satire of the Harry Potter series, aptly called “Harry Potter & the Series That Made No Sense.”

But now her characters Tyler Potter, Marty McGuire, and Coco Riddle have become known as the “Green Trio“, as opposed to the “Golden Trio” that was featured in the Harry Potter Series.

The three, first featured in the anti-Potter satire “Harry Potter & the story that made no sense“, are now being hailed as the new heroes of fantasy, much to the chagrin of Harry Potter fan Todd Facenda.

He says, “The satire is a joke. Claire needs to go back to being a Harry Potter fan and shut up.”

But his words have fallen upon the deaf ears of thousands of readers, all who were fed up with Harry Potter’s unwise decision to give up his entire life for a normal boring life as Hayley Snape.

As for Tyler, Marty, and Coco, they have yet to respond to the claims that they are now the “it” group of 2011.