The Evil Genius Behind Tyler Potter~by Caycee

So, who is the genius behind Tyler Potter?

First off, he wasn’t created by Claire Violet Thorpe even though she borrowed him for her fan fiction series called the Series That Made No Sense. That series pokes fun at everything that is wrong with the Harry Potter series and tries to correct the mistakes, often with hilarious results.

But who is really behind Tyler Potter? His name is Jonas Sanders and he created Tyler for the show Space Wizards. The cartoon centers on Tyler’s adventures living in a steampunk version of an alternative Earth. But how and why Claire took Tyler’s name and began using it for a stupid character is beyond me. I think that Claire should change the hero’s name to something like River Valentine Potter and leave the name Tyler alone. But that’s just my opinion.

Anyway, I wonder how Jonas Sanders would react if he saw Tyler being part of a satire of Harry Potter. I don’t think he’d like that very much, knowing how bad the series could turn out, but we shall see…

The Origins of Tyler Potter

Ten Little Wizards

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So, where did Tyler Potter come from?

According to this blog, Tyler was first featured in a show called “Space Wizards“, in which Tyler is a 15-year-old boy living in a steampunk world called Aganaea and he is sent to a special boarding school to learn to become a space wizard. But when he gets to the school, he discovers that there has been a cover up and a student reappears after disappearing years before.

He came from an early 1990’s cartoon. Not made up for the sake of being in a story that didn’t make any sense.

Later on, we will be exploring Tyler’s world and how and why Tyler was picked to play in a role that would have even the most seasoned reader screaming in agony.