Harry Potter References in “Janette Lennox”

The Hall at Christ Church in Oxford, England.

The Hall at Christ Church in Oxford, England. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In my 2013 NaNoWriMo story Janette Lennox, we have to wonder how many Harry Potter references are in this story. I know that there’s quite a few references, such as:

  • Janette being left at the church=Harry being left at the Dursleys
  • Janette being bullied by Tyson=Harry being bullied by Dudley
  • Janette being friends with Malinda and Silas=Harry being friends with Ron and Hermione
  • Janette leaving Bethsaida Chapel to attend Gamaris Academy of Alchemy & Magic=Harry leaving the Dursleys’ home to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry

There are several profound differences between Harry Potter and Janette Lennox; the main difference is that Janette is going through a mild form of PTSD after Tyson beats her for not attending his birthday party. Plus, Janette feels inadequate at times and she avoids the other students, especially those who have parents. As far as we know, Harry doesn’t even suffer the ill effects of being locked away in a closet for ten years, nor does he suffer from depression because he was living with people who did not like him or treat him well.

I could go on describing the differences between Harry and Janette, but that’s not this blog post. I have written Janette to be a darker version of Harry Potter with a few Twilight-like elements thrown in for good measure. There is the “Golden Trio” of Malinda, Silas, and a new boy named Garrett, but none of them are actually good; in fact, they plot to kidnap Janette and rid her of her magic. All of this tension will actually make a better story than Harry Potter ever was.

Now you know.

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Harry Potter Parody, Day 13

Harry Moffer 6

Harry Moffer 6 (Photo credit: claireviolet82)

Before I describe the next chapter, here’s what I had planed for the rest of the book:

  1. Chapter 12: The Horror in the Dunes
  2. Chapter 13: What’s in the Closet?
  3. Chapter 14: One Magician’s Crystal to Rule Them All
  4. Chapter 15: Faked Out
  5. Chapter 16:  Well, This Story Sucks, But At Least It’s Much Better Than the Alternative
  6. To Be Continued…

There will also be several fake reviews and messages as well as a fake library full of fake stories. Plus, a sneak peak at the next book, which is called Harry Moffer & the Really Stupid Sequel. So there you have it.

Chapter 12 describes Pun’s descent into madness as well as an attack on the Grim Trio by the dreaded skeleton-ducks. The skeleton-ducks are terrible creatures that re covered in orange scales and have bodies that are shaped like a chicken. Their faces resemble that of a turtle and their eyes remind you of a dog’s. They have a sail fin on their back and webbed feet.

Plus, skeleton-ducks will eat ANYTHING that falls into the Sand Dunes.

Before the kids could get eaten by the monsters, Jill’s search party reaches them just in time. The story can now continue.

Harry Potter Spoof, Day 11

Sand dunes in Death Valley National Park. The ...

Sand dunes in Death Valley National Park. The image shows coppice dunes,which are formed around vegetation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, this chapter here ends the possibility of this book being solely for children.

Mr. Silch, in his rage, throws Harry, Pun, and Hildegarde into the forbidden Sand Dunes, which were located behind the high school. Tafrin objects to this treatment and Professor MacFordlepad threatens to have Silch fired for his wicked deed.

The Grim Trio realizes that they are lost and cannot get back up the dunes.

Jill, however, has cooled down with the Harry-hating and decides to patch things up with the trio, only to realize that they never showed up for classes. She knows that something is up with the trio and resolves to go after them.

Harry Potter Spoof, Day 6

Group shot of the Monty Python crew in 1969

Group shot of the Monty Python crew in 1969 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that I have reached chapter 5, I have some new characters to introduce:

  1. Tarcey Pate: the son of Professor Pate, the science teacher. He is known as a bully and is very cruel to Harry.
  2. Junia Brown: another student at Warthogpox High who is a bully. She too is mean to Harry.
  3. Oscar Hernandez: who was created to force diversity into this story.

Chapter 5 contains “cursing“, poorly-worded Monty Python insults, and even Jill acting like a stuck-up brat who sings “don’t rock the boat” like her iPod‘s on replay. If chapter 6 is going to be anything like chapter 5, then I feel sorry for you.

Harry Potter Spoof, Day 5

Japanese writing

Japanese writing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, today, I have planned out the story and chapter 5 is called Sparks, Snarks, & Spells.

Before we can get to that point, I have chapter 4, which is called The Term Begins. In that chapter, Harry meets Pun Teasley, Hildegarde Lamer, Neramill Flatbutton, and Domro Wilfy, all who are freshmen at Warthogpox High School.

For starters, Pun is a poorly-named boy from Japan who comes from an unnecessarily large family, who dislikes him. (Pun’s annoying younger sister, Fanny, is a huge Larry Dobber fan and she beats up anyone who hates Larry Dobber.) He speaks in puns and riddles, which doesn’t happen until the end of the story.

Hildegarde is the tough-as-nails quintessential “sassy black friend” who won’t stand for any crap. She makes the mistake of thinking of Harry as Larry Dobber, until she is corrected by said boy.

Neramill is just an ordinary kid who cares nothing for what’s popular.

Domro is the quintessential jerk who thinks he’s better than everyone else. But he’s no bully. (We’ll meet the bullies in the next chapter)

But those guys aren’t anything like what we’ll see in the next chapter of this story.

Harry Potter Spoof, Day 4

Harry Moffer epilogue

Harry Moffer epilogue (Photo credit: claireviolet82)

And today’s chapter deals with Harry Moffer meeting the new “family” that he’s staying with for the duration of his term at Warthogpox High School. And to be honest, not one of them gave him a warm welcome.

Also, Harry has to deal with Jill Roseberry, who thinks that he’s nothing more than a fraud. She warns him not to cause any trouble at Warthogpox High. But as we all know, Harry doesn’t look for trouble, as trouble usually finds him. And Harry isn’t a secret hero; in fact, he’s practically a loser who people think is a hero. (See how I love to tear things apart?)

Plus, with my decision to get rid of the “abused Harry Potter cliché, I’m making sure that no abuse happens to our hero. But he will have some terrible hardships, that I promise you. This story isn’t for kids at all.

So there you have it.