27 Things People Who Didn’t Like “Harry Potter” Are Tired Of Hearing

via 27 Things People Who Didn’t Like “Harry Potter” Are Tired Of Hearing

Hate Harry Potter? Tired of being mocked for hating him? Read this list and make your critics weep:

  1. When you say you don’t like Harry Potter, people automatically assume you have no imagination. (Guess what: I hate Harry Potter. DEAL WITH IT, YOU TWAT!!)
  2. Or, better yet, they think you’re illiterate. “Have you even read the book???” (No, I haven’t read the book , and I don’t plan to. Get off my back about it!)
  3. There is always talk of a new book or new movie or new Harry Potter SOMETHING, so if you aren’t excited about it, you’re a social pariah. (I have better things to do than to obsess over a fictional character.)
  4. No, you don’t get it. Actually, you feel no connection to this world because unlike them, you can’t solve all your inconveniences with magic. (FYI, you can’t solve the world problems with magic! Duh!)
  5. And spell names? Yeah, what the f**k is “Expelliarmus”? (can I punch someone in the face, please?)
  6. Patronuses… WTF??? This is the stuff of nightmares. (I’ve already had enough nightmares from real life; I don’t want them in my books!)
  7. “Muggles” and “Mudbloods” and blah blah BLAH.(Are you fricking racist???)
  8. “This is such an epic story of good vs. evil.” Yeah, except the villains are flat: Voldemort is self-loathing, Petunia Dursley is mega jealz of her sister, and Draco is going through puberty, like all the time. (YAWN. I could crap out a better story than this.)
  9. Don’t fool yourself, Harry and Ginny do NOT make the cutest couple ever. (Oedipal complex??)
  10. Also, the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry does not seem fun, it sounds like a total bummer; everyone is always in danger of DYING. (can’t I at least get through one year without BEING IN FRICKING DANGER ALL THE TIME???)
  11. Being assigned to Slytherin for any HP-themed game is a passive-aggressive way of people telling you you f**king suck. (Well, **** you! I won’t do what you tell me!)
  12. To everyone who wishes Gryffindor existed: Isn’t categorizing everyone into four different groups just a terrible idea? (sorting is just as bad as labeling)
  13. He Who Must Not Be Named” would never happen. There’d always be some kids in an alleyway saying his name all the time just because they could. (Are you fricking kidding me???)
  14. Then there was that day your friends dragged you to watch the first part of the seventh movie because you “had to see it!” (Dude, if you drag me to this piece of **** movie, I will unfriend you!)
  15. To your surprise, or lack there of, it actually isn’t “the best movie of all time”; all the movies start to blend together and feel exactly the SAME. (Harry repeats itself ALL THE FRICKING TIME!!! Why would you want to subject yourself to that?)
  16. The “epic” final wand battle of the seventh movie feels depressingly anticlimactic. (wake me up when Harry dies)
  17. You couldn’t care less that there’s an International Quidditch Association. (Screw quidditch. Football is better.)
  18. All the news stories of the legal injunctions and blackmail attempts caused from fear of the latest book leaking is a bit too much. (and people think that fan fiction should be legal)
  19. You’ve heard your friends geek out about it one too many times. (guess what? you need to dump your friends)
  20. The tattoos, just, NO. (I’d rather do Game of Thrones)
  21. The fan fiction terrifies you. (better yet, avoid fan fiction like it’s the plague)
  22. Everyone went through a period where they tried to sound British, and it still drives you NUTS. (You’ve just offended everyone who is actually British. Go stand in a corner and rethink your life.)
  23. Also, everyone and their mother takes this photo next to the 9 ¾ cart when they’re in London. (You have officially lost me as a child. Have fun playing with your imaginary kid.)
  24. Sardine flavored jelly beans are enough to turn your apathy toward HP into complete detestation. (#1, gross, and #2, how dare you steal from Jelly Belly! I’m shocked that a lawsuit hasn’t been filed yet to stop this travesty)
  25. The abundance of HP products everywhere makes you feel like there is no escape. (Can’t we make this just go away? Like forever?)
  26. Not to mention this THEME PARK, which is really just a hub for obsessive fans. (DO. NOT. GO TO THAT. PLACE. OR. ELSE. YOU’LL. NEVER. BE ALLOWED. TO. LEAVE.)
  27. Honestly, J.K. Rowling’s success story is the most interesting part of this whole thing to you. (her dreams came true at the cost of everyone else’s sanity.)

Now you know. As for me, I’m MUGGLE AND PROUD OF IT!!


Top 10 Villians who are better than Lord Voldemort

Hello, and welcome to another week of top 10 in fandom. I hoped that you enjoyed the last list, because nothing is better than a good old-fashioned plot twist.

Anyway, this week’s topic is the top 10 villains who are better than Lord Voldemort. I mean, let’s face it: Voldemort is just a noseless freak who makes today’s story book villains look really stupid. I mean, why would you want to be afraid of a wizard who kills himself due to some weak boy wizard’s ineptitude and inability to actually stop him?

OK, enough with the ranting. The villains who are better than Lord Voldemort are as follows:

10. The Joker (from the Batman movies): because nothing is scarier than a man who doesn’t have a plan. Also, why so serious?

9. Loki (from Thor) I mean, Loki would very much take down Voldemort in a fight. plus, remember the Avengers movie?

8. The Volturi (from The Twilight Saga): it’s pretty much safe to say that these guys are the main villains. I mean, they do show up and confront the Cullens on a number of occasions.

7. King Galbatorix (from the Inheritance Cycle): is there anyone worse than a king who wants to take over EVERYTHING, including controlling the dragon riders?

6. Megatron (from Transformers): he’s altogether terrifying and cruel and wants to take over the world.

5. Agent Smith (from the Matrix movies): Nuff said.

4. Valentine Morgenstern (from the Mortal Instruments): his schemes are 10x more terrifying than Lord Voldemort’s nonsense.

3. Kronos (from the Percy Jackson series): a Titan as a villain is terrifying indeed.

2. Darth Vader (from Star Wars): Believe it, he just HAD to be on this list.

1. Sauron (from The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings): this villain rules them all. Plus, he made that stupid ring.

Well, that’s all for this list. If you find yourself disagreeing with any of the above items for any reason, then let me know in the comments. See you next week for more Top 10 in Fandom!

Not Another Harry Potter Story!!!

Ok, so once again, we have to deal with J. K. Rowling being unable to let go of her cash cow, I mean, Harry Potter. Good golly god, Rowling! Haven’t you had enough of Harry Potter? Because we sure have.

Besides, do we really care to hear about Harry Potter? No! We want to know more about Dumbledore, Snape, and the wizarding world in general. Plus, as the song states, we’re getting tired of Pooter.

(and yes, I meant to write Pooter instead of Potter. Thank you for pointing that out.)

Just mosey on along.

Why I Would Not Be Friends With Harry, Ron, or Hermione | bethhenshaw

I love the Harry Potter series, probably more than I should.  However, if I were enrolled at Hogwarts, I would never hang out with Harry, Ron, or Hermione.

Harry has too much drama in his life, Ron is not very nice, and Hermione is too intense.  Harry is constantly fretting and always has some big, exterior force (Voldemort) distracting him from having any fun.

Ron is not the worse Weasley by far (Percy), but he is definitely not the best (Fred and George).  He always has a scowl on his face, and can never say anything nice.  While I admire his lack of a filter, he often comes across as rude.

Hermione is one of those girls in the classroom that everyone hates.  Her hand shots up in the air before the question is even completed, and she proceeds to give the exact definition found in the textbook.  She is a grade A curve destroyer.

And to be blunt, the three of them are a clique.  They occasionally talk to other students, but most of the time they can be found huddling together whispering.  If anyone were to walk by, their conversation would cease until that person becomes out of sight.  Don’t you just love a good hushed conversation when you enter a room?  Me neither.  If I were at Hogwarts, I would find myself much more fun friends.

First, I would befriend Seamus Finnigan.  He is a pyromaniac for crying out loud!  Everyone needs a friend constantly blowing stuff up in their own face.  That’s just good company.

Second, a more obvious choice: Fred and George.  There is never a dull moment with this dynamic duo. No one wants to be the butt of their pranks, everyone wants to be laughing with them.  I want even more.  I would like to be the master mind behind some of their infamous pranks.  I love anyone who has the nerve to pull pranks, as it is wonderfully entertaining.  I need friends who will constantly keep me on my toes, and there is not a doubt in my mind that Fred and George would ever run out of fresh shenanigans.

Next is Luna.  She is one of my favorite characters in the entire series, because she is so fantastically real.  Luna would never lie, and she calls everything like she sees it.  Even if some of it sounds a bit loopy, she knows what’s up.  Conversations with Luna would be both entertaining and silly as we discuss the realm of reality and all that exists beyond it.

Next, would be Hannah Abbott simply because she seems nice.  There is not much said about her in the series, but Hufflepuff students are always patient and loyal: two great characteristics to have in a friend!

I would however, share several mutual friends with the three friends: Hagrid, Dobby, and Neville.  Hagrid is a big, loveable oaf.  He is very compassionate and could me give great piggy back rides.

Dobby has a steadfast and cute personality.  He is always willing to help and is usually very happy.  My favorite image of Dobby is of him in the Order of the Phoenix wearing a dozen of Hermione’s hand knitted hats.  (Sorry moviegoers, but you won’t understand that reference).

Neville is a great friend who always strives to do the right thing and eventually turns into an absolute badass.  He is brave when it matters and protects who he cares about.

Don’t get me wrong, I love everything about the series and I think J.K. Rowling crafted wonderfully intricate characters.  I love Ron, Harry, and Hermione as characters, I really do.  They are brave, clever, trustworthy, and passionate friends.  They make a great group!  I, however, would choose a different posse, but still fight alongside them against Voldemort and more importantly: Bellatrix.  Oh, to be a wizard at Hogwarts!  My letter is probably still just lost in the mail…

via Why I Would Not Be Friends With Harry, Ron, or Hermione | bethhenshaw.

Well the writer is right on the money. I have written fan fiction where I am friends with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Big mistake there. First off, Harry is an orphan and my character’s tendency to be sympathetic towards less fortunate people always gets her into big trouble. Plus, Ron really needs to get away from his large, unbearable family. Also, Hermione is nothing more than a Mary-Sue know-it-all who probably needs to be smacked with a fist.

Plus, those guys are a clique. I’m not too fond of cliques, since people in cliques tend to isolate themselves from the rest of the school. There’s nothing that is more annoying than a group of people talking and then they shut up as soon as another student or a teacher walks right by them. Isn’t that just annoying? Makes you want to report them to the police or something like that.

If I went to Hogwarts, I would avoid Harry, Ron, and Hermione like the plague. No need for me to get involved with them and their schemes. In fact, I’d find ways to break the group apart, possibly for good.

Now you know.

Harry Potter Ruined My Life

Whoa, that’s pretty harsh what you went through. I’m just glad that that never happened to me.

Also, I wasn’t a Potterhead in high school, and neither of my friends read the books. (To be honest, nobody in my high school was too big on Harry Potter to begin with.)

Anyway, good essay.

Orange Juice and Toothpaste

When I was eight, I was really good friends with the school librarian. I know what you’re thinking, and yes, I was that kid. I had just started wearing glasses; I had also recently quit soccer and, as a result, I was growing a nice little pot belly; and, though this was the age everyone was supposed to like everyone, I was annoying as fuck. Sure, I had my friends, but I was a bossy bitch. (Haha“was.”) So the librarian and I? Best friends.

It had its benefits, though. Sometimes I would ask to go to the bathroom and just visit her instead, and I wouldn’t get into trouble. Because, I mean, hey, who’s gonna punish a kid for wanting to sneak away to the library? I also got first pick of all the new arrivals. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets had just been published, and…

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Jeff Starr’s Harry Potter and the Veil of Death

via Jeff Starr’s Harry Potter and the Veil of Death.

I have read this story years BEFORE the boringly unrealistic “Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallowswas even thought of. In this more realistic fan fiction retelling, Harry and his friends fight Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters while Harry deals with his past and other issues.

Also, the story treats the so-called “Deathly Hallows” with more respect than the original book does.

On another note, there are several characters who die, and their deaths are treated with respect, not relegated to a few lines and Harry isn’t mourning for them.

Plus, the epilogue, while painfully predictable, is much better than the pile of sludge that J.K. Rowling gave to us.

So, in the words of advertisements everywhere, don’t read “Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows“; read this story instead. You’ll have a better time if you do.

I’ll be giving out a review of this story soon.

Why Harry Potter Should Have Married a Muggle

Nothing against the writer of this article, but I’m not too sure if this is a good idea.

First off, Harry should hate Muggles, especially since he was mistreated by his Muggle relatives. In fact, he could end up becoming Voldemort 2.0, making sure that no magical child ever ends up in a Muggle family.

Ok, so that’s kind of iffy. But let me give you the reasons why Harry should have chosen a Muggle over Ginny:

  1. A Muggle woman would force Harry to recognize what’s really important life. Does he want all the honor, glory, AND the beautiful girl? Should he want the power? Or should he instead choose to fade into the background and settle down?
  2. Harry should turn his back on the magical world. It was unfair for dozens of magical creatures to pin their hopes on one boy who only uses the Expelliamus spell. What a cop-out that was.
  3. Harry/Ginny makes me want to puke. Harry/Muggle would be more realistic.

Well, I don’t have much to say, except for Harry probably should have died to begin with, not married Ginny and had three poorly-named children, but that’s just my opinion.

Another Way to End Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone

(based on the alternative ending to The Story That Made No Sense)

Harry walked through the door and into a small room. He saw a small table in the middle of the room and on the table was the stone. The famed Sorcerer’s Stone. That stone that he had been looking for for several weeks. He reached out to touch the stone when a hand stopped him.

Professor Snape?” Harry cried out as he turned to face the man. “No, no; it can’t be! It just can’t be!” Professor Snape frowned as he looked at the boy.

“What are you doing here, Harry Potter?” Professor Snape snapped in anger.

“Ron, Hermione and I all thought that someone was going to steal the Sorcerer’s Stone, so that’s why I came here,” said Harry.

“Indeed,” said Professor Snape.

Just then, there was a muffled scream, and Professor McGonagall and Professor Vector came out, with Professor Quirrell between them. He was bound hand and foot.

“Professor McGonagall?” Harry squeaked, but the old woman glared at him. “We caught Professor Quirrell trying to sneak into the Third Floor Corridor,” she said.

“How did you—” Harry began, but she continued, “I saw Filch dragging young Neville Longbottom around the school and demanded an explanation. When Neville mentioned that Professor Quirrell was going to steal the stone and you and your friends were going to stop him, we had to take action.”

Harry gasped as he saw Hermione and Ron, standing with several other teachers. Professor Dumbledore was among the teachers. He said, “Thank you for alerting me to the situation, young Harry. If it weren’t for you kids, we might not have known that Professor Quirrell was trying to steal the Stone from the school.”

“So what’s going to happen now?” Harry cried out.

“First, Professor Quirrell’s going to be spending a few long years in prison and we’re going to put the Sorcerer’s Stone in a place where it will never be found,” said Dumbledore.

“But what about Nicolas Flamel,” said Harry. “He might want it back!”

“Indeed,” said Dumbledore. “All the same, we must put it away so that it cannot be found and used for evil. I shall speak with him about this. And you kids should go back to bed and get some rest.”

“About the stone,” Harry wondered. “What about the stone granting eternal life?”

“The story about the stone granting immortal life is nothing more than a myth,” said the old wizard. “In the old days, seeking immortality was a crime punishable by death in the wizarding world.”

McGonagall said, “And had Quirrell gotten to it before we did, it would be nothing short of a disaster, one that not even Albus himself would be able to stop. Now, let’s finish this business, as we have more important things to take care of.”


Within a few hours, Harry found himself facing his friends in the Great Hall. The whole school looked at him with suspicion. Professor Quirrell was not there; Dumbledore had told everyone that Quirrell had been arrested for stealing the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Dumbledore then said, “I have some awards to give out. For using logic to solve the most complex of problems, I hereby present this medal to Hermione Granger!” A few scattered applauses filled the hall, coming mainly from the Gryffindor students, as nobody really liked Hermione, save for Harry and Ron. Hermione frowned as she went to get her medal.

Dumbledore then said, “For solving one of the world’s toughest riddles, I hereby present this medal to Ron Weasley!” The applause was more clustered coming mainly from the Gryffindor students, especially the Weasleys, but then again, nobody really liked Ron. He smiled as he went to get his medal.

The old headmaster said, “The next medal goes to he who showed love and bravery in the face of a dangerous enemy and prevented a disaster. I award this medal to Harry James Potter!” This time, everyone in the Great Hall cheered as Harry rushed forward to claim his medal. He had never gotten rewarded for anything in his life and that win was worth more to him than anything in the world. For now, that is.

But it was not over yet, for Dumbledore then said, “It’s not enough for us to stand up to those who are our enemies, but sometimes we must also stand up to our friends as well. I hereby recognize Neville Longbottom for his efforts.” The applause was now thunderous and everyone clapped Neville on his back. Neville was touched; no one liked him and so far no one cared to become his friend. But Harry Potter became his friend and that was all that mattered.

Draco slammed down his wizarding hat in disgust. So did the other Slytherins. Draco hated Harry since Day 1 and the fact that Harry was famous made his blood boil. So did being in Gryffindor and refusing to befriend him. Draco threw Harry a hateful look and left the Great Hall.

But Harry didn’t care; he was just living in the moment. Ron, Hermione, and even Neville beamed with excitement. Everyone cheered for their hero, not knowing that tomorrow would be heartbreaking for poor little Harry. He would have to go back to the Dursleys in the morning.

Harry stood at the train station the next day. He was talking to Hagrid. Hagrid said, “You don’t look too happy, Harry. I wonder why.”

“I don’t want to go back to the Dursleys,” said Harry. Hagrid stared at him. “They don’t treat me right, and I highly doubt if they would be willing to allow me to leave their house now, let alone attend Hogwarts or any other school.” Harry began to cry. “I just want to be a normal boy and be loved.”

Hagrid hugged him, frowning as he realized where Harry was going to end up. Back at the Dursleys. Back to the Muggles who mistreated him. He would not allow this. Why Dumbledore was sending him back there, he would never know.

He said, “Don’t worry, I’ll get in touch with Minerva and see if she wants to keep you at her mansion for the summer. Over her dead body will you return to the Dursleys.”

Harry sighed as he waved goodbye to Ron and Hermione as the train left the station. He knew that he was going to have a better summer than the summer that he had had before Hagrid arrived. Hedwig glanced at him and he nodded, knowing that for the first time in his life, things were certainly looking up for him now.

The End!!!



Well, here’s my response to the questions:
  1. Harry would still be living under the stairs at the Dursley house.
  2. Harry still would have been screwed over.
  3. Voldemort wouldn’t have attacked the Potters.
  4. He would have been a happier man.
  5. Voldemort never would have attacked the Potters.
  6. Voldemort would have had a family.
  7. Voldemort never would have been evil.
  8. He would have been tortured and killed.
  9. Harry never would have married Ginny; he would probably date someone else.
  10. Ron would have been happy; plus, he wouldn’t feel so inadequate and have some much-needed self-confidence.
  11. She would have written something else and still have gotten the same results.
  12. It would have been better if I had never heard of Harry Potter, to be honest.

Well, that’s all I have for now. More will come.

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What if Harry never got his Hogwarts letter?

What if Lily chose Snape over James?

What if the prophecy was never overheard?

What if Snape didn’t love Lily?

What if Wormtail never told Voldemort Lily and James Potter’s secret?

What if Tom Riddle Sr fell in love with Merope Gaunt?

What if Voldemort had known love?

What if Pettigrew had been captured?

What if Ginny had died in the Chamber of Secrets?

What if Scabbers turned yellow?

What if JK Rowling never wrote Harry Potter?

Would your life be the same?

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10 Ways How Harry Potter’s Life Is Really Difficult | Army Of Awesome People

via 10 Ways How Harry Potter’s Life Is Really Difficult | Army Of Awesome People.

I have already covered the downside of being Spider-Man and Superman, but they are not the only superheroes whose lives aren’t as glamorous as they might seem. Though Harry Potter isn’t exactly a superhero, he still possesses magical powers few of us have, and he has two main requirements for being a superhero: a cape and parents who died in a freak accident. But even with his magical abilities his life is really difficult. Here are just a few examples: to continue, please click here.

This list is hilarious, but it is also true. Nuff said.