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In the following article, you may be wondering why I chose to rehash an old story instead of making up a new story. Maybe it’s because I really miss the first Harry Potter fanfiction art wrote and I wanted to rewrite it all over again with a new cast of characters.

Or maybe it’s because I want to call out the Harry Potter books for the crap that they are.

Who knows?


Harry Potter Redux quote/essay

What if I can’t be their hero? What if I’m destined to be the villain?”

Harry Potter is not the hero in the fan fiction “Harry Potter Redux“; in fact he has turned away from the path of being a hero and taking the path of wisdom. That move had shocked scores of wizards, including Albus Dumbledore, who had originally wanted Harry to go into his preferred house of Gryffindor. Instead, Harry goes into Ravenclaw and walks a fine line between wisdom and heroism. he chooses not to be the hero, but rather the wise mage that his parents and the headmaster never were.

Also, Harry thinks that voldemort isn’t worth fighting and Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger aren’t worthy of being his friends. he chooses two kids named Phil Dennison and Nina Barlow to be his friends, plus inviting two kids Duncan Snyder and the eccentric Candice Thorpe. the group, dubbed the “Blue Crew”, defeats the 15-member Dumbledore’s Army in a battle of wits. Harry defeats Dumbledore and then threatens to expose his true agenda to the wizarding world if he doesn’t stop interfering with his life.

Whether or not Harry will actually become the hero is up for grabs.

15 Ways to Annoy Your Friends Who Love Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Published by michael biegner on Scribd

-1- Call Professor Dumbledor “Professor Dum Dum”

-2- Suggest that in a duel. Samantha Stevens from “Bewitched” would kick Harry’s ass.

-3- Confuse the Lord of the Rings Trilogy details with those of the Harry Potter series of books repeatedly by saying things like: “Remember when Gandalf and Voldemort were fighting and the Orcs took over the Hogwartz School of Wizardry in the Town of Rivendale?”

-4- Wonder out loud to your friends if Harry Potter was not in fact the secret love child of Colonel Sherman Potter and Hot Lips Houlihan from the TV series M. A. S. H.

-5- Suggest to your friends that Harry should consider a line of Prada eyewear instead of those horrid horrid round glasses.

-6- Tell your friends that if Weezie Jefferson married Ron Weasly her name would have been “Weezie Weasly“.

-7- Inform your friends that “muggles” are what Fraggles drink beer from.

-8- Whenever speaking about Harry, refer to him as “Mr. Pot-Tare” the way Freddie “Boom Boom” Washington did in the TV Series “Welcome Back Kotter

-9- Suggest that Andi McDowell would have made a better Voldemort than Ray Fiennes.

-10- Refer to the author, J K Rowling as “J J Walker” and tell people you think she is “Dyno-Mite!

-11- Repeat every 15 minutes to your friends that “Hermione rhymes with ‘hiney‘.”

-12- Insist to your friends that you saw the actor who plays Professor Dumbldore on a TV infomercial for Viagra, talking about his “limp wand” problem.

-13- Tell your friends that Quiddich is not a real sport, like golf, NASCAR, horse racing, bowling and poker.

-14- Wonder out loud to your friends where Harry takes his invisibility cloak to be dry cleaned.

-15- Order the last Harry Potter book UPS ground and then when it finally DOES arrive, read only a few pages per day.

Another Way to End Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone

(based on the alternative ending to The Story That Made No Sense)

Harry walked through the door and into a small room. He saw a small table in the middle of the room and on the table was the stone. The famed Sorcerer’s Stone. That stone that he had been looking for for several weeks. He reached out to touch the stone when a hand stopped him.

Professor Snape?” Harry cried out as he turned to face the man. “No, no; it can’t be! It just can’t be!” Professor Snape frowned as he looked at the boy.

“What are you doing here, Harry Potter?” Professor Snape snapped in anger.

“Ron, Hermione and I all thought that someone was going to steal the Sorcerer’s Stone, so that’s why I came here,” said Harry.

“Indeed,” said Professor Snape.

Just then, there was a muffled scream, and Professor McGonagall and Professor Vector came out, with Professor Quirrell between them. He was bound hand and foot.

“Professor McGonagall?” Harry squeaked, but the old woman glared at him. “We caught Professor Quirrell trying to sneak into the Third Floor Corridor,” she said.

“How did you—” Harry began, but she continued, “I saw Filch dragging young Neville Longbottom around the school and demanded an explanation. When Neville mentioned that Professor Quirrell was going to steal the stone and you and your friends were going to stop him, we had to take action.”

Harry gasped as he saw Hermione and Ron, standing with several other teachers. Professor Dumbledore was among the teachers. He said, “Thank you for alerting me to the situation, young Harry. If it weren’t for you kids, we might not have known that Professor Quirrell was trying to steal the Stone from the school.”

“So what’s going to happen now?” Harry cried out.

“First, Professor Quirrell’s going to be spending a few long years in prison and we’re going to put the Sorcerer’s Stone in a place where it will never be found,” said Dumbledore.

“But what about Nicolas Flamel,” said Harry. “He might want it back!”

“Indeed,” said Dumbledore. “All the same, we must put it away so that it cannot be found and used for evil. I shall speak with him about this. And you kids should go back to bed and get some rest.”

“About the stone,” Harry wondered. “What about the stone granting eternal life?”

“The story about the stone granting immortal life is nothing more than a myth,” said the old wizard. “In the old days, seeking immortality was a crime punishable by death in the wizarding world.”

McGonagall said, “And had Quirrell gotten to it before we did, it would be nothing short of a disaster, one that not even Albus himself would be able to stop. Now, let’s finish this business, as we have more important things to take care of.”


Within a few hours, Harry found himself facing his friends in the Great Hall. The whole school looked at him with suspicion. Professor Quirrell was not there; Dumbledore had told everyone that Quirrell had been arrested for stealing the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Dumbledore then said, “I have some awards to give out. For using logic to solve the most complex of problems, I hereby present this medal to Hermione Granger!” A few scattered applauses filled the hall, coming mainly from the Gryffindor students, as nobody really liked Hermione, save for Harry and Ron. Hermione frowned as she went to get her medal.

Dumbledore then said, “For solving one of the world’s toughest riddles, I hereby present this medal to Ron Weasley!” The applause was more clustered coming mainly from the Gryffindor students, especially the Weasleys, but then again, nobody really liked Ron. He smiled as he went to get his medal.

The old headmaster said, “The next medal goes to he who showed love and bravery in the face of a dangerous enemy and prevented a disaster. I award this medal to Harry James Potter!” This time, everyone in the Great Hall cheered as Harry rushed forward to claim his medal. He had never gotten rewarded for anything in his life and that win was worth more to him than anything in the world. For now, that is.

But it was not over yet, for Dumbledore then said, “It’s not enough for us to stand up to those who are our enemies, but sometimes we must also stand up to our friends as well. I hereby recognize Neville Longbottom for his efforts.” The applause was now thunderous and everyone clapped Neville on his back. Neville was touched; no one liked him and so far no one cared to become his friend. But Harry Potter became his friend and that was all that mattered.

Draco slammed down his wizarding hat in disgust. So did the other Slytherins. Draco hated Harry since Day 1 and the fact that Harry was famous made his blood boil. So did being in Gryffindor and refusing to befriend him. Draco threw Harry a hateful look and left the Great Hall.

But Harry didn’t care; he was just living in the moment. Ron, Hermione, and even Neville beamed with excitement. Everyone cheered for their hero, not knowing that tomorrow would be heartbreaking for poor little Harry. He would have to go back to the Dursleys in the morning.

Harry stood at the train station the next day. He was talking to Hagrid. Hagrid said, “You don’t look too happy, Harry. I wonder why.”

“I don’t want to go back to the Dursleys,” said Harry. Hagrid stared at him. “They don’t treat me right, and I highly doubt if they would be willing to allow me to leave their house now, let alone attend Hogwarts or any other school.” Harry began to cry. “I just want to be a normal boy and be loved.”

Hagrid hugged him, frowning as he realized where Harry was going to end up. Back at the Dursleys. Back to the Muggles who mistreated him. He would not allow this. Why Dumbledore was sending him back there, he would never know.

He said, “Don’t worry, I’ll get in touch with Minerva and see if she wants to keep you at her mansion for the summer. Over her dead body will you return to the Dursleys.”

Harry sighed as he waved goodbye to Ron and Hermione as the train left the station. He knew that he was going to have a better summer than the summer that he had had before Hagrid arrived. Hedwig glanced at him and he nodded, knowing that for the first time in his life, things were certainly looking up for him now.

The End!!!

Harry Potter Retelling

anti-Harry Potter stamp

anti-Harry Potter stamp (Photo credit: claireviolet82)

A retelling of the Harry Potter story; but this time, a character from a classic Jacquel story attending Hogwarts thinks that Harry is evil and he must be stopped at any cost.

In this story, a character named Lucinda Shea is attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and for some insane reason, she believes that Harry Potter and his friends are evil and with that, she plots to destroy them. She does this by convincing a group of people who are tired of having to deal with Harry and want him gone. Also, she spreads rumors that Dumbledore is gay and that he is responsible for the decline of the wizarding world.

Lord Voldemort, learning about the rumors, decides to attack the Ministry of Magic as everyone else is reeling from the news. Also, the backstory about Dumbledore and Grindelwald is revealed, bringing further doubt on Dumbledore’s reputation as a great wizard.

Also, Harry suffers a terrible tragedy and eventually disappears without a trace.

Well, that’s the story, but I have to hand it to myself for even making it up, even if I never write it. And since the Harry Potter fandom is winding down, the smoke has cleared up and we realize that the story didn’t make much sense.

We’re Sick & Tired of Potter (Parody of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire”)

Tyler, Marty, & Coco

Tyler, Marty, & Coco (Photo credit: claireviolet82)

James & Lily Potter, babies with lightning-bolt scars / Lord Voldemort, Dumbledore hands a baby to relatives / Wizards, magic, terror everywhere / innocent man is sent to Azkaban / abusive relatives, fat boys with pig’s tails / snakes escaping from encasements, magic everywhere / Hagrid, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry, shopping in Diagon Alley / Dark Lord comes to the house and kills his parents, being declared the Boy-Who-Lived, here we go

Chorus: We’re sick and tired of Potter / we didn’t ask for it, and we’re trying to end it / We’re sick and tired of Potter / 9-11 started it, Charlie Bone will stop it

King’s Cross, 9 and 3/4, red-haired family / Hogwarts Express, meeting Ron & Hermione / trip to Hogwarts, student sorting, Gryffindor / Quidditch, fighting trolls / invisibility cloaks, Mirror of Erised / meeting Dumbledore, this seems fun / sorcerer’s stone, Nicolas Flamel / 3rd floor corridor, facing Quirrell

Chorus: We’re sick and tired of Potter / we didn’t ask for it, and we’re trying to end it / We’re sick and tired of Potter / there’s other books that we should be reading

Chamber of Secrets, Ginny Weasley, flying cars, crazy house-elves / Malfoy, Gilderoy Lockhart never seemed to be the right choice / strange voices, petrified people, muggleborns must go home / Tom Riddle, basilisk, freeing Dobby / Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, werewolves, rats, and traitors / Goblets of Fire, foreign wizard schools, Cedric Diggory / Lord Voldemort returns, like didn’t they get rid of him in the first book?

Chorus: We’re sick and tired of Potter / we didn’t ask for it, and we’re trying to end it / We’re sick and tired of Potter / where are those Christian books when we need them?

Dementors, Howlers, Ministry of Magic, / Order of the Phoenix / evil teacher, evil spreads, prophecy is foretold / London attacked, muggles frightened, what are we to do / half-blood prince, secret pasts, things get worse / Dumbledore gets zapped to death, he really had it coming

Chorus: We’re sick and tired of Potter / we didn’t ask for it, and we’re trying to end it / We’re sick and tired of Potter / it has gone on for way too long now

witchcraft, wizardry, the claim that magic is harmless, people just don’t want God in / deathly hallows, Harry’s now of age, attacks get worse, people die / Harry’s in hiding, hostages at Hogwarts, Neville Longbottom becomes a hero / big epic fight, scores of wizards die, Harry faces Voldie, wins the day / Dumbledore turned out to be gay, was in league with Grindelwald, / 19 years later, sends his kids to Hogwarts / one kid named Albus-Severus, I can’t take this crap anymore

Chorus: We’re sick and tired of Potter / we didn’t ask for it, and we’re trying to end it / We’re sick and tired of Potter / it’s too old now, can we have something new?
We’re sick and tired of Potter / we didn’t ask for it, and we’re trying to end it / But when we are gone / we hope Potter is gone along with us…

Harry Potter: Destiny Unfulfilled Review

anti-Harry Potter stamp

anti-Harry Potter stamp (Photo credit: claireviolet82)

OK, so I have taken to reading this analysis and I must admit that the person had the right idea when they wrote it, as Harry Potter did NOT live up to his potential, both as a hero and as a book series.

The essay analyzes all the Harry Potter books and talks about what’s wrong with them, and what should be changed to make the books better. Believe you me, a rewrite of the Harry Potter books is badly needed.

Before I reveal too much, here’s what I have to say about the book:

And so, we have reached the end of this essay. Hopefully, I’ll be using it when I’m writing my alternative Harry Potter fan fiction, aptly called “Harry Potter Redux”.

I’m actually glad that I took the time to actually read the essay, since my decision to stop being a Harry Potter fan was rather abrupt and too soon for my liking. I had to really sit down and wonder how and why I ever began reading the Harry Potter books in the first place. It wasn’t that the series was cliched and repetitive, but it felt poorly written and too rushed for my liking. As a person who reads mainly fantasy, the Harry Potter books was a step backward for me in those terms.

I really hope that the series can be rewritten and made better. I want to see Harry as a real hero (not just the title), Dumbledore as a mentor, and a real villain because Voldemort just doesn’t cover it. *SIGH*

Well, the books could have been worse.

And here’s my (official) review:

What a great and wonderful essay about the Harry Potter books. I’m glad that I have read it and learned about where Harry Potter succeeded and failed. I hope to take what I have learned from the book and apply it to my alternative Harry Potter fan fiction, aptly called “Harry Potter Redux”. I really hope that one day, the series can be rewritten and made better. I want to see Harry as a real hero (not just the title), Dumbledore as a mentor, and a real villain because Voldemort just doesn’t cover it.

So there you have it. I think everyone who is a Harry Potter fan or loves fantasy or is studying English in college reads this book so that they can learn about how the Harry Potter phenomenon crashed and burned to the ground.

Anti-Potter March 15 Stories

And now for some anti-Harry Potter stories written on March 15:

  1. Harry Potter & the Girl-Who-Lived; in which Jacquel Potter (NOT Harry) survives Lord Voldemort‘s attack on her family and she swears revenge against Dumbledore (CANCELED)
  2. Jacquel and Selena are now battling BOTH Voldemort and Dumbledore as well as their own feelings. STORY: Girls at War; the war continues as Jacquel the GWL deals with her own feelings for a certain girl. (CANCELED)
  3. Selena faces her angry mother as Jacquel prepares to do battle with the dark lord. (CANCELED)
  4. Jacquel Potter and Selena Snape begin their family in a new country. (CANCELED)
  5. Charlie Bone, Percy Jackson, Lyra Belacqua, Quil Ataera, and Katniss Everdeen (along with several others) band together to take down Harry Potter.
  6. The “Better Than Harry Potter” group (consisting of Elva Sheppherd from “The Secret Library Guardians”, Talen Schultz from “The Winter Starlight” of the Icebrood Chronicles, Tyler Potter from “The Series That Made No Sense” (a Harry Potter satire), Raven Knight from “The Piano’s Painting”, Nicholas Blue Prater from “Cosplay the Novel”, Kaylen Klieg from “The Faerie Mage Series”, Ivey Summersley from “The Return of the Verdant Stars Series”, & Jacquel Rassenworth/April-Dawn Potter from “The Jacquel RassenworthDursleyPotter Series (which also pokes fun at Harry Potter)”) meets up and they plan to take down Harry Potter.
  7. Suppose the Harry Potter story was never written. What would have been the Harry Potter story of this generation?
  8. A story about students at Gareth Hall Academy during Harry Potter’s time at Hogwarts.
  9. A retelling of the Harry Potter story; but this time, a character from a classic Jacquel story attending Hogwarts thinks that Harry is evil and he must be stopped at any cost.

The first four stories have undoubtedly been canceled permanently, but I do know for a fact that the rest of the stories will be written very soon.

What is Gareth Hall Academy?

Alnwick Castle, the castle used for filming ex...

Alnwick Castle, the castle used for filming exterior shots of Hogwarts in the Potter films. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Long ago, when I was writing Harry Potter fan fiction, I had come up with the idea of an alternative magical school since Hogwarts can’t be the only magical school in England. This alternative school is for those who did not get their acceptance letters to Hogwarts and/or preferred to attend a public school and go home in the evenings, as opposed to an actual boarding school.

Also, Hogwarts doesn’t appear to be a normal school because all the kids seem to study all the time. There are no after-school activities, very few sporting events, and dances are virtually nonexistent.

And to make matters worse, Hogwarts was run by Albus Dumbledore, a man whose reputation is questionable. Who would want to attend a school like that? There has to be a better place for magical students to attend.

Which is why I invented the school called Gareth Hall Academy.

The school was first mentioned in the fan fiction “Harry Potter & the Lifetime Original Sequel“, where the character Jacquel Romanov was supposed to be attending Gareth Hall as per her mother’s wishes, but she was forced to attend Hogwarts. She eventually chooses to attend Gareth Hall Academy, but not without giving up the friends that she had made over the years and choosing to drop the “orphan princess” persona that she had carried throughout her years as a Hogwarts student.

That was one example of how Gareth Hall Academy was featured in fan fiction, but we would like to know just how different Gareth Hall is from Hogwarts.

Hogwarts was founded by Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Salazar Slytherin. Gareth Hall Academy was founded by Maurice Gareth. Both schools were built during the Middle Ages, when the persecution of witches was in its prime.

Hogwarts is divided into four houses, with each house being headed by Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. (Well, there were rumors that there had been a fifth Hogwarts house headed by Phargi Phoenixfur, but that’s another story.) Gareth Hall Academy doesn’t believe in sorting its students at all, as it was known that sorting students into different houses tended to cause unnecessary friction within the school.

Hogwarts was built as a huge castle while Gareth Hall Academy blends in with its surroundings as an actual school building. It was said that Gareth Hall could double as an actual boarding school (which happened during World War II), but for all intents and purposes, it functions as a regular (but magical) public school.

Hogwarts sends out letters inviting students to study in its school based upon whether or not the student came from a magical family. Gareth Hall Academy doesn’t concern itself with the family history of any of its students.

Hogwarts is seen as the elite school while Gareth Hall Academy is barely noticeable.

While Hogwarts only employs Quidditch as it’s main sport, Gareth Hall Academy has a football (soccer for non-British people), baseball, and several other sports.

And when it comes to its students, Hogwarts is notorious for turning out dark wizards and witches as well as imcompetent wizards. Gareth Hall Academy’s students make sure to be known only for their superb magical skills and less about their behavior.

We could go on comparing and contrasting Hogwarts and Gareth Hall all day, but that’s not the point of this essay. There’s still more things that need to be covered.

As was mentioned before, Gareth Hall functions as more of a magical public school and less of a collection place for talented wizards and witches. Also, since the school’s opening and susquential endurance over the years, very few people tended to notice Gareth Hall Academy at all. In fact, most wizards would rather send their children to Hogwarts than a school that sits in a mainly muggle city.

While we’re on the subject of location, the students at Hogwarts are mostly isolated from the rest of the wizarding world, save for the nearby wizarding village of Hogsmeade. The students of Gareth Hall Academy, however, can easily keep up with the changing times because they are surrounded by various buildings and stores that are located next to the school.

Other factors that separate Gareth Hall from the rest of the wizarding world is their education of squibs (wizards born without magic). Hogwarts has no such program to deal with that and most squibs were seen as a disgrace to their families. (There is also Merlin’s School of Magic, which also educates squibs, but that’s another story.)

So, what does this say about Harry Potter?

If he had gone to Gareth Hall Academy instead of Hogwarts, he might have become a better person overall. There would have been no need for him to get involved in Dumbledore’s lies and schemes and he wouldn’t have to fight any dark wizards either. In fact, the whole “Lord Voldemort” problem could have easily been taken care of without Harry being involved at all.

Such are the ways of this world!

But anyway, I’m now in the process of developing a new story about Gareth Hall Academy and its doings as opposed to the events of Harry Potter’s years as a Hogwarts student. The students there pay very close attention to those events and some of them are questioning the quality and validity of Hogwarts when word of its troubles gets out and the world learns about it.

Or we could have the following fan fiction options: Supposedly that Harry was indeed expelled from Hogwarts and was forced to attend Gareth Hall Academy. What would he do now that he is no longer a Hogwarts student? Would he be able to make new friends? Would anyone want to hang out with him if they knew who he really was?

Or let’s try this: Harry decides that Hogwarts isn’t for him and he wants to find another magical school to attend. He persuades the Dursleys to find a school for him and they eventually discover Gareth Hall.

And here’s another one: Harry is sent to Gareth Hall as an exchange student. He stays for an entire year. But when it comes time for him to go back to Hogwarts, is he willing to leave his new friends behind, or will he fight for his right to stay at Gareth Hall?

And one more idea to toss out there: What if the Dursleys learned about Gareth Hall and instead of sending Harry to Hogwarts, they send him to Gareth Hall?

These ideas seem to be better than what we have out there. One day, I hope that someone will actually write a story out of these ideas and put Harry Potter in his proper place.

The Epilogue That Made No Sense

And now for the epilogue that certainly makes no sense:

(WARNING: This story will parody the Harry Potter Epilogue!)

19 years have passed since the evil Magician was defeated.

Yes. 19 years is too long for this story, but since we’re poking fun at Harry Potter, we might as well get this out of the way now or else we’ll never see the ending.

So, here we go.

Tyler and Sadie Potter were standing at the Scich Mire train station with their children Miles, Alexander-David, and Annette Aslan. The boys were a bit excited over going to Pinecastle Academy of Magic. But Annette Aslan wasn’t very happy about it; she was 9 years old and she wanted to go to Pinecastle Academy.

“Why can’t I go to Pinecastle with Miles and Alexander-David?” she snapped at her mother.

“You’re not ready yet,” said Sadie, who still looked as radiant as the day that she first laid eyes on Tyler Potter and wanted to possess him. “You have two more years until your magic manifests inside you and the you can go.”

Annette Aslan said, “But that’s not fair, mom. I want to go now!”

At that point, Marty and Coco McGuire came with their children Marcie and Cyrus. Marcie was the same age as Alexander-David. Marty said, “I take it that things are going well with you, Ty?”

“They should be,” said Tyler.

“I don’t know,” said Coco. “Last week, Marty threw out some random news reporter who was clamoring about some online newspaper wanting to interview him or something like that.”

“I already told everyone, I’m not interested in spilling out my life story,” Marty snapped. “I have a life now. I’ve got children to raise and a marriage to maintain. People need to learn to butt out of my life! The damage has already been done, so I want nothing to do with the McGuires or the Luvannokitch families.”

“Indeed,” said Coco.

“Some things never change,” said Sadie.

Hayley and Sophia Snape also showed up with their children, saying, “Well, we’ve got one more year before we send Finley off.”

“And you’re here why?” said Sadie.

“Just to see them off, of course,” said Hayley. “You didn’t think I’d not show up, or did you?”

“No way,” said Tyler. “I mean, what’s a sendoff without the whole family seeing you off?”

While the grownups were talking, the children were staring at the train. Marcie said, “Just wait, Alex. Another hour and we’ll be off to school. Isn’t this going to be great?”

“i think so,” said Alexander-David.

“Why are you so upset, Alex?” said Marcie.

“It’s just that I’m not sure of myself,” said Alexander-David. “What if I end up in Unicornfeather instead of Phoenixhorn?”

“It’s not the end of the world if you end up in Unicornfeather,” Tyler said to Alexander-David. “I could have gone into Unicornfeather if I wanted to. I could have gone into Pixiepuffle or Dragonsting as well. But I chose to go into Phoenixhorn and while it might not have been my best choice, it was the choice that mattered. Besides, if I never went into Phoenixhorn…”

“…he would have never met me,” Sadie beamed at him.

Tyler nodded and turned to see Malcolm Dratzins, his wife, and their son Devlin coming into the train station. He then looked at Alexander-David and said, “Don’t worry too much about the Sorting Hat; sometimes, it makes choices that seem ridiculous at first, but you’ll soon grow into your new role…”

“Hey, isn’t that Trixis Wolfin kissing Pepper Snape?” cried Cyrus as he pointed to a young couple standing on the side of the ticket booth.

“Well, isn’t this nice?” said Coco. “Looks like Trixis is on his way to joining the Snape family.”

“Oh, you gotta be kidding me!” Hayley cried out. “Not my niece!”

Just then, the train whistle blew, signaling that the train would depart from the station in 30 minutes. Immediately, the families began to steer their children towards the train, dragging trunks full of magical school supplies with them. As Felicity Snape boarded the train, she caught a glimpse of Alexander-David Potter. Hayley and Tyler saw the children staring at each other and shook their heads. But nothing prepared them for the fact that Malcolm and Devlin Dratzins approached them.

“So, you decided to show up right after we kicked you out,” Marty snapped at him.

“But I had to return,” said Malcolm. “The wizarding world had requested that I return and take up my father’s post. Plus, my son Devlin was accepted into Pinecastle and I can’t just not let him go, or can I?”

“I don’t know what strings you pulled to get back here,” Hayley snapped, “but I won’t let your son near my children…”

“OK, that’s quite enough,” said Sophia. “I don’t know why you boys insist on restarting this feud, but I won’t have it.” To the children, she said, “Tell Alistair that we all said hi.”

“Alistair? you mean Professor Johnson?” said Felicity.

“Isn’t he married to Galadriel Black?” said Marcie.

“This is great!” said Alexander-David. “We’ll get to see them and the twins at Pinecastle!”

After one last goodbye, the train took off quickly, with Finley, Cyrus, and Annette Aslan chasing after it until it pulled out of the station and became a blip on the horizon. Trixis went to retrieve the children as Tyler sighed. He hoped that Alexander-David would be happy during his first term at Pinecastle Academy.

Sadie said to him, “Don’t worry, Tyler. He’s going to be fine.”

“I hope so,” Tyler said more to himself than to her. Hopefully, Headmaster Isabella Dumbledore would do a better job leading his sons than her father manipulated him.

He reached out and felt the crescent moon-shaped scar that still covered his right cheek. It had not troubled him for 19 years. All was well.

(Well, that’s how the story ends! I told you that it didn’t make sense!)