12 Things That Still Bother Me About Harry Potter – CollegeHumor Post

via 12 Things That Still Bother Me About Harry Potter – CollegeHumor Post.

If you consider yourself a Harry Potter fan, this is was should bother you about it:

1. How come they didn’t use any muggle inventions to inform their magic inventions?: This. PLEASE!!!!

2. Why wouldn’t everyone get a magic portrait of themselves and essentially live forever? You’re kidding, OK? Why would we want to live forever?

3. Why would J.K. Rowling even include the time-turner? The time-turner was one of the most stupid plot devices that was ever invented.

4. So, was Hagrid’s dad just a pervert or what? Uhhh…I’m not even going to think about that one.

5. If Fred and George had the Marauder’s Map during the events of the Chamber of Secrets, why didn’t they use it to help figure out who was opening the chamber? That would have solved the problem (or break up the Weasley family).

6. Why would Hogwarts have students ride to the castle on animals they could only see if they’d seen death?: This bothers me because haven’t we all seen death before? (plus, it segregates against orphans and we don’t need that.)

7. Why does Malfoy try to befriend Harry when they first meet?: Because Harry needed a better friend than Ron and Hermione. Plus, Harry could have turned the Malfoy family good or something like that.

8. Why aren’t they more careful what they teach Slytherin kids? Because people thought that the Slytherins were the “Evil” house. (which is hurtful and unnecessary. No wonder why kids in Slytherin turn out to be evil)

9. Why would Harry think he could get away with opening a letter in front of the Dursleys?: Because he’s stupid, that’s why!

10. Why was Moaning Myrtle played by a 37 year-old? Did they NOT want to hire someone in their late teens/early 20s to play her? To me, that just comes off as disgusting and disturbing.

11. The Ron/Hermione kiss was the lamest kiss ever.: Bella/Edward was so much better. (I will NOT apologize for that!)

12. And, finally, the most bothersome thing in the entire movie series: the actress they get to play the young version of Harry’s mom doesn’t have eyes that look anything like his.: Nice going, Hollywood! Now we’re all fricking confused!

If you’re just as confused about this as I am, then please leave your comments in the comments section. We must save this story!


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