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via JK Rowling Is Now A Harry/Hermione Shipper | Forever Young Adult.

Well, this definitely doesn’t make ANY sense at all!

Just as we had safely forgotten about Harry Potter, J. K. Rowling once again rears her head and says that Harry and Hermione should have ended up together.

I disagree with the statement.

Harry and Hermione were meant to be “just friends”. OK. Let me say this again. Harry and Hermione were meant to be “JUST FRIENDS”!!!

OK, moving on,

What Rowling did was truly unforgivable. I never liked Harry/Hermione and I think that Harry should have died instead of married Ginny. Ron should have easily married some other girl and Hermione should have ended up alone. There was no need for this to happen.

My reaction to the above-mentioned article: How sad that this woman just can’t let her story go! Also, Hermione and Harry never should have married ANYONE at all! Why can’t the hero and the heroine end up alone? I’m beginning to wonder if the story should have been written in the first place.

Let me know what you think of this issue.

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2 thoughts on “JK Rowling Is Now A Harry/Hermione Shipper | Forever Young Adult

  1. I’ll admit that I’m not much of a Harry Potter fan (in fact, I really hate parts of it), but I have to say if JK Rowling wants to retcon herself that’s her prerogative. Fans don’t have to accept it; in fact, fans very rarely interpret a work in the same way as the author. I do question why all the characters had to end up in nice little heterosexual relationships. It wasn’t a romance story. Why couldn’t the story have an open ending?

  2. I’m going to assume you’re joking with the “I’m beginning to wonder if the story should have been written in the first place”, but I definitely agree with the sentiment of ‘Who says the hero and heroine HAVE to end up with someone?’ J.K. Rowling certainly went to lengths to ensure that everyone was neatly paired off by the end of her story. Of course, a lot of people took issue with the epilogue on that basis; Mark Oshiro’s parody of the epilogue in ‘Mark Reads Harry Potter’ is particularly good at spoofing its shortcomings and mentions this issue outright:

    “GINNY: Do any of you find it a bit strange that we’re all essentially marrying into a family?

    RON: What do you mean?

    GINNY: Well, think about it. Now Harry and Hermione are part of our family, Ron, and it’s possible that Lupin and Tonks’s son might also be a Weasley soon.

    RON: Well…I mean, our family has always been gigantic, hasn’t it?

    HERMIONE: And it’s not like we don’t fit together as couples, right?

    GINNY [squeezing HARRY’S hand and smiling at him]: Sure, of course. That’s not what I meant. It’s just that…

    [She pauses for just a moment, deep in thought]

    What’s the point of all this?

    HARRY: Of…what?

    GINNY: This…this thing. This thing we’re in. This postscript, this epilogue, this final piece of the puzzle. Why are we here?”

    (from http://markreadsharrypotter.buzznet.com/user/journal/7592511/mark-reads-harry-potter-deathly/)

    Personally, I wouldn’t go so far as to say either that Harry and Hermione should NEVER have married or that they should DEFINITELY have married. It’s easy to see it playing out well either way. But I do take issue with Rowling making comments like this so long after the series ended and to no great purpose. Megan above me is right in that Rowling can retcon things if she likes, but in her head. She had to know exactly what kind of effect her comments would have on fans and she made them anyway, which I find pretty exasperating. Shipping wars are notoriously ugly and they really don’t need any added encouragement from creators in order to be that way. I would have liked to think Rowling knew better than to reignite an old issue, especially as she has been very wise and gracious about the inevitable dwindling of her own fame in other areas. But apparently she just couldn’t resist.

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