SparkLife » How (And Why) They Should Remake The Harry Potter Movies

via SparkLife » How (And Why) They Should Remake The Harry Potter Movies.

I think that this article is right in terms of making the Harry Potter movies. But I do have some issues with the following:

  • The books: I’m a big book reader, and the Harry Potter books almost ruined that for me. Plus, I have very little patience for giant books that could easily pass for encyclopedias. (In the case of Game of Thrones, I would beg to differ.)
  • Who wants another book-to-movie translation? Several book series have succeeded in this venture, but for some reason, Harry Potter seems to fall by the wayside. In order to correct this, we should take out everything that didn’t make any sense in the books (I’m talking about the Quidditch) and instead, introduce a story about a boy who must face the man who killed his parents. (Heck, we should also take out the magic as well, but that’s for another blog post.)
  • What if Hogwarts was more like high school than a useless magical academy? (That would be great!)

Until we can freely admit that the Harry Potter movies were mediocre and the books weren’t all that great, we’ll be stuck with a collection of DVDs that we wish we could get rid of.


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