5 Reasons Harry Potter Would’ve Been Better As A TV Show

via 5 Reasons Harry Potter Would’ve Been Better As A TV Show.

5. Ready Made Seasons: Such as “how many seasons can they make from the books?” (I tried to do that once with the Harry Potter books; it was a disaster that shall never be repeated!) Also, each season of the Harry POtter books could run between 12-15 episode, especially if they combine 3-4 chapters in the books

4. Structured Storylines: there were several storylines that ran parallel to each other in the books. These storylines can easily be combined, and there are certain storylines that can (and should) be eliminated.

3. Complex Mythology & Story-Arcs: the later Harry Potter books grew bigger and as the books grew, so did many people’s abilities to grasp a hold of the books, as well as the films’ difficulties in translating the books. Most of the books should be cut down to size, as we can’t include everything in the book on the TV show.

2. Fleshed Out Characters: who are the real characters in the story? Nuff said.

1. Mature Progression: Well, had Harry Potter been a TV series, I think I would have enjoyed it a bit more than the movies. Why? Because the books could have made for an exciting TV show instead of a boring bunch of movies.


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