How Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince Should Have Ended…

Albus Dumbledore

Albus Dumbledore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Dumbledore‘s death)

Dumbledore: Draco, put away your wand. You’re not a killer.

Bellatrix: Zap him, Drake. He’s a liar and a monster.

Draco: If you’re saying that, why aren’t YOU the one aiming your wand at him?

Bellatrix: Plain and simple; he killed my best friend! Joanna Rowes was my best friend and he killed her!

Julia: What? SHE was friends with my mother?

Jacquel: Inconceivable!

Draco: But what if it is true?

Jacquel: I’ll take my chances on that.

Snape: I shall now…shoot him down like a dog! (he makes to zap Dumbledore, but misses and zaps Harry instead) Crap!

Jacquel: I’ll do it…since he killed my mother and all…(she kicks him off the tower “300” style)

Harry: Jacquel, how could you?

Jacquel: He killed my mother! Why would you follow a man like him?

Draco: If he’d killed my mother, I would have done the same thing.

Harry: You really are an “Evil Faith“!

Draco: Only she can say that, Pothead! Not you!

Snape: And we all knew that Hagrid was the Half-Blood Prince all along!

Harry: What about you? Your mother’s maiden name was Prince.

Jacquel: And that’s what we all mean!

Snape: I always knew Hagrid’s family was messed up. His mother was a walrus and his father smelled of applesauce.



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