Harry Potter Spoof, Day 19

And Now For The Unnecessary List of Characters That Were Unfortunate Enough To Be In This Story

In this story, we know enough about the characters in order to warrant their appearance in it. And as such, we have the audacity to inform you about who will be on the list as of right now.

And the characters are as follows:

  1. Harry Hames Moffer: the unfortunate hero of the story
  2. Loomius Tafrin: caretaker of Warthogpox High School
  3. Halfus Snibblepore: headmaster of Warthogpox High School
  4. Joe MacLean: former student of Warthogpox High School who agrees to take care of Harry while he attends Warthogpox
  5. -Dianna: Joe’s wife
  6. -Lars: Joe’s son
  7. -Sierra: Joe’s daughter
  8. Jill Roseberry: Warthogpox High School student and Harry’s friend/rival
  9. Athira MacFordlepad: math teacher
  10. Damuos GiXus-Bowes: english teacher
  11. Celevus Pate: science teacher
  12. Wom Dibble: history teacher (formerly known as Gourd Maldycart, a stage magician)
  13. Madame Forch: gym teacher
  14. Conoga Clout: home economics teacher
  15. Pun Teasley: Harry’s best friend (likes speaking in puns and riddles; youngest son in an unnecessarily large family)
  16. Hildegarde Lamer: Harry’s other best friend
  17. Neramill Flatbutton: cowardly boy; Jill’s best friend
  18. Domro Wilfy: Harry’s arch nemesis
  19. Tarcey Pate: son of Celevus Pate; Harry’s nemesis
  20. Junia Brown: Harry’s nemesis
  21. Oscar Hernandez: Hispanic exchange student
  22. Quintos Quinnell: civics teacher
  23. Mr. Silch: cruel janitor of Warthogpox High School

There are other characters that are mentioned in this story, but until they show up and do something that moves the story along, they won’t be on the list. And I did not include the Dourfeys for obvious reasons.

Now you know.


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