Harry Potter Spoof, Day 18

Potter fans wait in lines outside a Borders in...

Potter fans wait in lines outside a Borders in Newark, Delaware for the midnight release of the book (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And now for the extras, which I will post here:

A word of caution:

This book pokes fun at everything. You already know this. But to give you an example of what it makes fun of, here’s a list of everything that the book has mocked so far:

  1. Larry Dobber by J. P. Wordling: the worst-selling children’s book series that is threatening to turn itself into a major Hollywood movie unless it is stopped. Here are the books in order: Larry Dobber & the Soothsayer’s Bone / Larry Dobber & the Pholospher’s Chrone, Larry Dobber & the Cahbmer of Sercets, Larry Dobber & the Poisoner of Altazan, Larry Dobber & the Cup of Burnt Oil, Larry Dobber & the Legoin of the Penguinz, Larry Dobber & the Quarter-Vail Plince, Larry Dobber & the Deadly Hammers
  2. The Blightnight Snaga by Bethenie Leyar: paranormal romance about a girl and a fampire which was embraced by scores of young girls everywhere.
  3. Innovation Chain by Chirstofar Pailname: written by a teenager, long maligned for glorifying fire-breathing destructive monsters.
  4. Kercy Mackson & the Asgardians by Nick Weirdon: a mixture of modern-day fantasy and mythology. Easy and fun to read.
  5. Children of the Bread Ping series (also known as the Narlie Tone series) by Penny Limmo: Long maligned as a Larry Dobber lookalike, this series centers on a young boy with strange powers who gets with other kids with strange powers and fights against adults with strange powers.
  6. The Starvation & Fight to the Death Games by Zucanne Follins: a controversial dystopian tale about a girl who wins fame and respect by shooting rocks at her rivals for the enjoyment of a bunch of kid-hating adults.
  7. Atalan Swan by Ein Copper: the story of a kid posing as a mafia don who dared to mess with fairies.
  8. Soul Taker Trilogy by Nessel Harrymann: A medieval-type story that was banned in the USA for having a gay hero but became a bestseller everywhere else.

Note: All but the last book on this list is based off of the Harry Potter series, The Twilight Saga, The Inheritance Cycle, Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Children of the Red King/Charlie Bone series, The Hunger Games, and Artemis Fowl. These fake book titles are a play on the original books they were named after.


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