Harry Potter Spoof, Day 17

Not done yet, but it's much better than it sta...

Not done yet, but it’s much better than it started out a day ago. (Photo credit: qnr)

Now we have reached the end of the story, which is aptly titled “Well, This Story Sucks, But At Least It’s Better Than The Alternative“.

And here, we have Pun (who has now lost his mind due to the events of the story), Harry (who still needs answers to the question of why his parents died), and Hildegarde (who still won’t stand for any nonsense). They had been suspended for causing trouble in the school, even if the school deserved it.

Professor Dibble is last seen packing his things and leaving the school; he vows to get revenge on Harry for exposing his secret life.

And so, I end the story with this very important line: “Warthogpox High School was the worst school in the city of Wyvernwing, and Harry Hames Moffer was its most infamous student.”


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