Harry Potter Parody, Day 16

Well, I have tossed in a plot twist that you won’t believe.

Harry Moffer was supposed to be this big hero, but in reality, he’s just a sham. To make matters worse, he and his friends, Pun Teasley and Hildegarde Lamer, get themselves into all sorts of trouble, doing things that would surely embarrass the real Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Or even get them in some serious trouble

But that’s not the least of it.

In the twist, Wom Dibble, the history teacher, and a student named Jill Roseberry both blame Harry for the accident that ruined Dibble’s career as a stage magician and killed Jill’s grandfather, Paumer. Also, Snibblepore shows up and then crap happens.

Plus, Pun starts making up useless puns and cries when he “takes an arrow to the knee“.

So, will this parody end here? What crazy things are going to happen to Harry and his friends next?

Here’s my answer:

NONE of them are rewarded, despite the fact that they put an end to Silch’s plans to dominate the school. In fact, the trio is suspended for two weeks.

Jill, once again, shames Tarcey and Junia whenever they try to speak out against Harry.

But when the suspension is announced, the entire school protests; despite everything, Harry had tried to be the hero that the school needed.

Also, with his cover blown, Professor Dibble decides to quit teaching at Warthogpox High and move away.

Stay tuned for more!


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