Harry Potter Parody, Day 8

Two standard hockey pucks

Two standard hockey pucks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Amid my ramblings, I have the next chapter ready, and in this chapter, the kids find out about the Magician’s Crystal. This doesn’t go well for obvious reasons, the first one being the fact that there’s no magic allowed in this story and #2, why would a magician’s crystal be in an American High School to begin with?

Also, Harry and Wilfy get into a fight regarding Harry’s status as an orphan, but Tarcey and Junia do a very cruel thing by forcing Harry away from his only friends (which is social isolation). Jill scolds them for chasing Harry off and Wilfy decides to challenge Harry to a game of Kettle Hockey.

A word on Kettle Hockey: Kettle hockey was the most popular sport played at Warthogpox High School and there were no shortage of teams that were formed within the school. To begin, kettle hockey was played on the grass (as opposed to the traditional ice hockey) and the kettlepots served as the goals. The puck was a huge rubber ball and two teams pushed it back and forth using metal rakes. The teams consist of five people. Three of the members is the players, one member are the goalie, and the fifth member had the unimportant job of finding the rather elusive golden star, which was really a star-shaped brick that was painted a bright green. By catching the star, the starcatcher’s teams would lose 25 points, rendering the other team victorious.

Also, Jill knows that Harry is to be the hero of the school, but he won’t be anyone’s hero if they continue to bully him. (that’s what happens when you take out the magic and inject blatant realism into the story.)


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