Harry Potter Spoof, Day 5

Japanese writing

Japanese writing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, today, I have planned out the story and chapter 5 is called Sparks, Snarks, & Spells.

Before we can get to that point, I have chapter 4, which is called The Term Begins. In that chapter, Harry meets Pun Teasley, Hildegarde Lamer, Neramill Flatbutton, and Domro Wilfy, all who are freshmen at Warthogpox High School.

For starters, Pun is a poorly-named boy from Japan who comes from an unnecessarily large family, who dislikes him. (Pun’s annoying younger sister, Fanny, is a huge Larry Dobber fan and she beats up anyone who hates Larry Dobber.) He speaks in puns and riddles, which doesn’t happen until the end of the story.

Hildegarde is the tough-as-nails quintessential “sassy black friend” who won’t stand for any crap. She makes the mistake of thinking of Harry as Larry Dobber, until she is corrected by said boy.

Neramill is just an ordinary kid who cares nothing for what’s popular.

Domro is the quintessential jerk who thinks he’s better than everyone else. But he’s no bully. (We’ll meet the bullies in the next chapter)

But those guys aren’t anything like what we’ll see in the next chapter of this story.


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