Harry Potter Spoof, Day 4

Harry Moffer epilogue

Harry Moffer epilogue (Photo credit: claireviolet82)

And today’s chapter deals with Harry Moffer meeting the new “family” that he’s staying with for the duration of his term at Warthogpox High School. And to be honest, not one of them gave him a warm welcome.

Also, Harry has to deal with Jill Roseberry, who thinks that he’s nothing more than a fraud. She warns him not to cause any trouble at Warthogpox High. But as we all know, Harry doesn’t look for trouble, as trouble usually finds him. And Harry isn’t a secret hero; in fact, he’s practically a loser who people think is a hero. (See how I love to tear things apart?)

Plus, with my decision to get rid of the “abused Harry Potter cliché, I’m making sure that no abuse happens to our hero. But he will have some terrible hardships, that I promise you. This story isn’t for kids at all.

So there you have it.


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