Harry Potter Spoof, Day 3

Tyler Potter

Tyler Potter (Photo credit: claireviolet82)

Today’s chapter will be called Off to Warthogpox High.

You can guess what happens to Harry in this chapter.

He gets taken to Wyvernwing, Pennsylvania, which is the “worst town in the entire United States of America“. Immediately, Harry is sent to his new foster family, the MacLeans, and they aren’t too welcoming. Harry forces Tafrin to tell him the truth about his parents’ deaths, but the big guy doesn’t want to talk about it.

Plus, I got rid of the “cruel relatives” cliche that seemed to plague the original Harry Potter books. Except that the Dourfeys weren’t cruel, they weren’t suitable guardians for Harry at all. But Harry will have to deal with them later on in the story.

But for now, let’s leave this chapter be.


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