Harry Potter Spoof, Day 2

After a ton of writing done, I’m done with Chapter 1 and am moving on to Chapter 2, which is called “An Invitation to Warthogpox High School“. In this part of the story, the normal and boring Harry Moffer gets an invite to attend an élite high school called Warthogpox High School, which is a school for geniuses like him.

And who gives him this exclusive invitation?

His name is Loomius Tafrin (a parody of the character Rubeus Hagrid) and he whisks Harry away from the Dourfeys by claiming that he is needed to leave his hometown  in Branford, Connecticut and he is being sent to Wyvernwing, Pennsylvania to attend Warthogpox High School.

Unlike the original story, Harry is quite comfortable where he is; in fact, he doesn’t want to leave his hometown and go to Wyvernwing. Tafrin, however, drags him away from his relatives with a few threats and tells them not to go looking for Harry. (We know that this order will be broken…eventually!)

Plus, Warthogpox is a parody of the name Hogwarts.

Now you know.

I’ll be back with more!


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