Ten of the Most Soul-Crushing Finales Ever Written

Tyler Potter

Tyler Potter (Photo credit: claireviolet82)

5. Away In England

Tagline: Wake Up Kids, Harry Potter’s Dead And Magic Isn’t Real At All!

Summary: In 2002, I came out with the story about an All-American Girl and her adventures in England, especially with one Harry Potter and his friends in the school called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. Jacquel Romanov (who was first featured in fan fiction) has traded her cool California girl lifestyle for the prim and properness that is the British school system. And while she’s learning about magic, she also learns some very important life lessons, such as the need to have friends and how to stand up to your enemies.

So, what happened? After all was said and done, Jacquel suddenly wakes up at her home in LONDON, ENGLAND instead of SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA. Yeah, I said it. Jacquel was never from California, she is British. Plus, when she wakes up, she has no memory of ever meeting Harry Potter or attending Hogwarts.


It turns out that in the summer of 2007, two of the screen writers named Rolando Murray and Darren Andrews had purchased “Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows“. Their reaction to the book was less than positive, as the whole thing destroyed many of the storylines that they themselves have written solely for the show. To make matters worse, they were now on the fifth season of the show, which coincided with the book “Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix“. The head boss of the show, Connor Stevens, had read “Order of the Phoenix” and upon being disappointed with the book, ordered the entire show to be scrapped.

So as it turned out, Jacquel Romanov wakes up and sees her NOT-dead parents sitting around the kitchen table discussing the “not-guilty” verdict of one Tom Riddle, who had been initially charged with causing the deaths of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, and Ginny Weasley, four regular teenagers who were struck by a car and killed during late spring 1998. Or May 2, 1998 if you prefer. Since Tom Riddle didn’t kill the kids, he was initially let go and sent home, to the consternation of an entire London neighborhood. Plus, the real-life Harry, Ron, and Hermione weren’t even wizards to begin with.

The date Jacquel wakes up is actually September 1, 2004. That’s right. 2004. Jacquel Romanov was born in the year 1993 and is 11 years old in 2004. Not only has she forgotten all about Harry, it turned out that Harry was actually THIRTEEN years OLDER than her, if that’s certainly the truth. If only Jacquel remembered her dreams, she could have written the best-selling series and not the Scottish woman known as J.K. Rowling.

So to say, Harry Potter and his magical world was nothing more than a figment of someone’s imagination. Now go read a real book. :|


3. Space Wizards

Tagline: In Space, No One Can Help You Return Home

Summary: You know, it’s that story about Tyler Potter BEFORE he became Tyler Potter. Ty lives on a steampunk alternative of planet Earth and has tons of adventures while he is a high school student at an elite academy.

So, what happened? Within a few months following his latest adventure, a spaceship from Earth crash-lands on Aganaea. The spaceship was carrying the first colonists, who were originally going to colonize the planet Mars.

But there is one problem: the ship that crash-landed was heavily damaged and because the mechanics of Aganaea didn’t have the correct tools to repair the spaceship, the colonists were forced to make the steampunk planet their new home.


It turns out that 17-year-old Tyler Potter had witnessed the alien race Megadroids attacking the spaceship and eventually destroying it. 1,500 people who were on the spaceship were going to settle on Mars. But with the Megadroids capturing them and threatening to execute them if they dared to leave, King Raphael James Lorenzo del Mondegund and his troops swoop in and rescue the colonists. He brings them to the Valport Academy, which was Tyler’s school. With the Megadriods and Unbots uniting against the Earth settlers, Tyler is suddenly called into war.

So as it turned out, during the campaign that eventually wiped out the enemy aliens, Tyler eventually finds love with an Earth girl named Mackenzie Renshaw and persuades her to abandon her Earth home for him. The other colonists also decide to stay in Aganaea, seeing as there is no way they would be able to make it back to Earth or to Mars. And when did this happen? April 16, 1993, when the TV station pulled the plug in “Space Wizards” and replaced that show with the TV show “Kid Challengers“, which was a short-lived show about a group of kids who just sat around the house and did nothing very exciting.

Well, as they say, with Tyler Potter living on a different planet and him offering to share his planet with you, there’s no way you can go home again. :|


2. Magic in the Castle

Tagline: So *THAT’S* How Hogwarts Was Invented…

Summary: This is a pure action tale with a strong theme of friendship and things man was not meant to know. The story takes place in a large castle at the edge of a small town called Kulleus Village. Magic is increasing in power, and that plays an important role in the story. A group of orphans named Adam Powell, Will Evans, Rusheen Evans, Drew Shackelford, and Lacie Howdershell live in the Adeandror Castle with a kindly old wizard and with that, they learn magic. (not unlike a certain orphaned wizard) But for some reason, the magic that was supposed to be contained in the castle is being leaked to the surrounding woods and the town that is located next to the castle. The townspeople don’t take too kindly to magic and for the past many years, have executed every magic user until Professor Magus escaped the burning of his family’s home and came to the castle. He lives alone for many years until five young orphans show up at his doorstep, begging for food and shelter.

So, what happened? Obviously, the fairy queen Penelore of the magical land of Ei’ploerzol has found out about the killings of the magic-users (as the right-to-live is universal and if you tried to kill a magic-user in this world, you could find yourself hauled off to jail) and as a result, she decides to punish the entire town by leveling it using magic.


It turns out that Adam, Will, Drew, and Lacie’s parents were involved in the killing of a magic-user named Maephelal the Magnificent. As a result, their parents are killed and the kids (including Will’s younger sister Rusheen) are taken to the castle by Penelore’s men. Also, the fairy queen demands that Professor Magus open up the castle to educate the now orphaned children of Kulleus Village about magic and why killing people who use magic is never a good idea because magic will affect their descendants as well.

So as it turned out, Queen Penelore had just created a school like Hogwarts. And considering that her half-fairy, half-human son Kaylen Klieg is going to be needing a magical school to attend…this is going to be like Harry Potter, right? :|


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