What’s taking so long with the Secret Library Guardians???

Secret Library Guardians Wallpaper

Secret Library Guardians Wallpaper (Photo credit: claireviolet82)

I can hear you all saying, “Hey, what’s up with Elva and Troy? Will they get to see the library? We haven’t heard from Rose and Colby. We’ve hardly seen Dlav. What’s going on here?

Want to know what’s going on with Elva and Troy after they went to Greywyn Academy?

This August, I will be doing the next part of Camp NaNoWriMo (the summer novel writing competition), and this story will be written during this time. Last chapter, I left Elva and Troy with Brother Aranaeus (the cat boy) and he was going to take them on a tour of the school. Elva had just heard a story that could mean the difference in her future.

So, I’ll have this story written in August.


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