I Can’t Stand Marty McGuire! by Drijad

Marty McGuire

Marty McGuire (Photo credit: claireviolet82)

First off, Marty annoys me. He really does. His family history details that his biological parents are dead and he is an orphan. I mean, what’s the point of him existing just to be written as an orphan? And his entire family is written off as non-existant and/or unable to care for him due to their many issues. Why is that?

In reality, most people who have issues with mental health and whatnot aren’t even allowed to marry or have children. And the fact that Marty’s father Duncan was the son of two people who kicked him out of their lives because of a mental condition just makes me sick. Marty’s mother, Maria, is no better, as her family was rumored to have abused her as well as several disabled relatives. No wonder why Marty is messed up.

But for the Snape family, the family that took Marty in when his family was deemed “unsuitable“, they seemed to be so much better that what Marty had before. Yet, Lily isn’t very interested in Marty at all, for she wants to bring in another orphan boy named Tyler Potter into the Snape family by any means necessary.

As with Hayley, I’d like to see the following things done with Marty:

  1. Write him out of the story. Nothing will be changed if Marty isn’t involved in the story at all. (Same with Hayley Snape)
  2. ACTUALLY develop his character. (apart from his family problems)
  3. Have him ACTUALLY be interested in finding his true family. (As much as it is nice to see him in a stable family, he needs his biological family, no matter how messed up they are)

If these (and any other changes) happen, I might like Marty. But he has no personality, no ambition, and certainly no hope for the future right now.

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