Changes to the Story That Made No Sense

Here’s a list of how the story about Tyler Potter has been changed:

  1. The moment where Harry Potter makes his stupid wish and the world is changed forever.
  2. Tyler’s life with the Herron family.
  3. NO SLASH!!! (Sorry, Harry, but I cannot let any slash be in my story)*
  4. Getting Tyler away from the Herron.
  5. Alternative meeting with Matthew and Coco
  6. Changing the names of Harry Potter characters and places.
  7. Eliminating all references to Harry Potter’s past life.
  8. Tyler is now Tyler Foster.
  9. No Lord Voldemort.
  10. The story is to be as realistic as possible.

Well, that’s some of the ideas that I’m implementing for the story, which will now be titled “This Story Makes No Sense“. Look for that story to be released soon!

refers to the story on where Harry is constantly begging me to make the story a slash story and to put Tyler and Hayley together.


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