Another Version of a Magical School

English: The Lillard Hall dormitory at the Tab...

English: The Lillard Hall dormitory at the Tabor Academy, a private prepatory boarding school in Marion, Massachusetts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, what is Gareth Hall Academy?

While I was writing Harry Potter fan fiction, I had come up with the idea of an alternative magical school since Hogwarts can’t be the only magical school in England. Which is why I invented the school called Gareth Hall Academy. Gareth Hall Academy was founded by Maurice Gareth, and the school was built during the Middle Ages, when the persecution of witches was in its prime.

Gareth Hall Academy functions as more of a magical public school and less of a collection place for talented wizards and witches. Also, since the school’s opening and sequential endurance over the years, very few people tended to notice Gareth Hall Academy at all. In fact, most wizards would rather send their children to Hogwarts than a school that sits in a mainly muggle city.

That was, until a certain (Mary-Sue) orphan girl was transferred from Hogwarts and then all hell broke loose.

In another story of Gareth Hall Academy, we have a story about a girl named Aubrielle Carmichael and what happened when she was sent to Gareth Hall Academy.

In this circumstance, we see Gareth Hall as less of a school for magically gifted teenagers and more of a school for kids who just can’t handle life at a regular school. Also, Gareth Hall is renamed as Homas Liamson Academy and is located in Maine. Aubrielle had been sent to H. L. A. after an incident where she is nearly beaten to death for defending a bullied student.

Aubrielle quickly learns that H. L. A. isn’t your typical boarding school; not if 1/4 the student population was in training to becoming mages. She also discovers that far from being a normal student, her mother had been a mage and once attended the school. Aubrielle decides to train as a mage (despite her misgivings about magic) and all sorts of random stuff happen.

Well, that’s the story so far, but will I actually write it? Probably not. But still, it’s nice to have a story that doesn’t have the words “Harry Potter” as its title or title character.

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