Harry Potter Rip-Off story #1

I thought about this Harry Potter rip-off back in 2007 and with my departure from the fandom, I figured that it was time that the story was to be told.


  1. 10 years after Harry Potter’s story ends, another magical tale begins.
  2. This time, the story centers on a boy named Tim Whitaker.
  3. Tim is an orphaned boy living in a cruel foster family.
  4. On his 11th birthday, Tim runs away from home.
  5. While on the run, Tim discovers that he is a wizard.
  6. 10 years before. Tim’s parents (Tom and Lois) were killed during the wizarding war, particularly during the Battle of Hogwarts.
  7. Tim meets Hagrid and they go off to Diagon Alley.
  8. Hagrid tells Tim the story about Lord Voldemort.
  9. Very soon, Tim is packed up and all set to go to Hogwarts.
  10. While on the Hogwarts Express, Tim befriends Danny Berkeley (from a blood-traitor family) and Robin Larkspur (muggleborn witch).
  11. They also have an encounter with Philip Jamison, who becomes Tim’s mortal enemy.
  12. When they reach Hogwarts, Tim and his friends meet Hagrid once again.
  13. Tim and his friends (plus scores of other students) enter Hogwarts and they are greeted by Professor Connor Black.
  14. Professor Black takes the kids to the Great Hall.
  15. Tim, Danny, and Robin are sorted into Gryffindor while Philip is placed in Slytherin.
  16. Tim spends his first night at Hogwarts.
  17. The next day, Tim and Danny are late to Professor Kroger’s class.
  18. Tim makes a new friend; her name is Carys Winston.
  19. Tim inadvertently joins the Gryffindor Quidditch team, which is run by Professor Weasley.
  20. Professor Malfoy, the potions teacher, doesn’t take too kindly to Tim.
  21. Tim makes another friend; his name is Carlyle Rogers.
  22. Tim and Danny rescue Robin and Carys from a troll during the Halloween party.
  23. Tim witnesses a rivalry between Professor Malfoy and Professor Chattet.
  24. That Christmas, Tim gets a mysterious gift.
  25. Tim finds the Mirror of Erised, which shows him his parents.
  26. Tim has an encounter with Headmistress McGonagall, who advises him to be careful.
  27. A few months pass, and Tim and his friends chance to discover a mysterious jewel.
  28. They suspect that Professor Malfoy is after Professor Chattet, who wants the jewel for himself.
  29. That night, Tim, Danny, Robin, and Carys go into the Forbidden Chamber.
  30. Tim goes off alone and discovers Professor Chattet.
  31. Professor Chattet reveals that he killed Tim’s parents during the Battle of Hogwarts and he plans to steal the jewel.
  32. Thanks to a ghostly intervention, both Tim and the jewel are saved.
  33. Headmistress McGonagall reveals that Professor Chattet was really the evil Nelena Luvannokitch, who wanted revenge after being abandoned and almost being trampled on during the battle.
  34. With the school term ending, Tim begins to become both excited and yet dreading the return home.

So maybe this story will be written and you’ll probably find out the things that are completely wrong with the Harry Potter series as a whole.


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