Harry Potter Redux

Charlie Bone Cosplay Poster

Charlie Bone Cosplay Poster (Photo credit: claireviolet82)

I had begun this story due to the disappointment of the last Harry Potter book and because I was beginning to hate the series altogether.

So to deal with this, I decided that I would remake the series from scratch and create a better story with little to no cliches and to eliminate most of the mistakes that the original series has made.

So here are the things that I have eliminated in the first story:

  1. Most of the “Philosopher’s Stone” storyline.
  2. Harry befriending Ron and Hermione. (in fact, I have replaced them with two original characters and added two other characters, turning the “Golden Trio” into the “Blue Crew”)
  3. Changed the rivalry with Draco Malfoy.
  4. Placed Harry in Ravenclaw.
  5. Harry doesn’t trust Dumbledore as much as he did in the original story.
  6. No silly annual fight with Lord Voldemort either.

Well, with these tweaks, I shall create a better story than what has been written. Although my days of writing Harry Potter fan fiction are over, I won’t abandon this story until it’s done.



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