Can You Believe It?

Harry Potter Movie Magic Experience

Harry Potter Movie Magic Experience (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ten years ago, the first Harry Potter movie was released in theaters, which sent off the biggest hype since the Disney movies in the 1990’s.

And on July 15, 2011, it all came to an end.

At this blog, we are continuing to talk about what has happened since Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone was released in theaters and how my friends and I all reacted when we found out about said movie. We had seen the first movie about 5 times before one of my friends said that the movie was boring and dull. Not exactly what you want to be saying to me at the time.

But now that I’m looking back on what had happened to me since then, I wondered if the me of 10 years ago would have imagined that I’d be throwing away my obsession with Harry Potter and switching to vampires (and Twilight). And if I were to meet my 10-year-younger self, I would tell her not to get wrapped up in the hype and find something better to obsess over, or better yet, wait for Lord of the Rings.

That is all for this matter.


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