"Harry Potter & Merlin’s School of Magic" to become a series?

I nicked this off my Harry Potter Blog, which no longer exists:

Well, I’m thinking about it, and the way my life with Harry Potter fanfiction is going, I think I’m coming up with a good idea to write a story about the Wingmakers and how they lived their lives BEFORE the idea of Harry Potter attending Merlin‘s came about.

The characters in this story will be of course as follows:

  1. Harrison (Ryenne) & Caleb Tuff: Harry and Dudley’s names in “Merlin’s”
  2. Gladys Tuff: the boys’ adoptive mother
  3. Wilhelmina Tuff: the boy’s adoptive sister, formerly known as Willamaerha Thristal
  4. Michael Rasputin: headmaster of Merlin’s
  5. Eleanor Diggenstyke: matron of Merlin’s
  6. Issac Kempson: descendant of Issac Blake Parson, a wizard who built the Wingmakers village and founded Merlin’s
  7. Mother Mira Jepsten: caretaker of the church in the Wingmaker’s village.

Other characters who will be in this story are:

  1. Ezra Gifford
  2. Leslie Carew
  3. Nathaniel Grady
  4. Susannah, Margaret, & Christian Prewett
  5. Jacquette (Quetta) Fausto Nielsen
  6. Raulin Knighton
  7. Violet Ravensen
  8. Jefferson Hershel

characters from my other fanfics who are featured here:

  1. Princeton, Olivia (Paige), & Emilia Pettigrew
  2. Martin McGuire
  3. Gwendolyn Luvannokitch
  4. Jonathan & Adrian Trichenberg
  5. Jenner & Maurice Du Bois
  6. Robert (Robbie), (Marie) Lousie, David, Felix, & (Matilda) Molly Evans
  7. Dakota & Ginger Jonas
  8. Jacinth & Nicolas Kastianopolis
  9. Jennifer (Jenny), Sarah, & (Wil)Liam Ravencraft
  10. Connor (Kirkwood) Matheson
  11. Philip Dennison
  12. Nina Barlow
  13. Duncan Snyder
  14. Candice Thorpe

And now for a word about:

  • the Wingmakers: The Wingmakers were the original settlers of the land where the village and the school are, and their talents include telekinesis, elemental control, pyrotechnics, and Wiccan arts.
  • Merlin’s: the school where advanced magical arts and Wingmaker skills are taught Located near Cornwall, Wales. It’s really a huge castle, which is described as a modest castle, built of red bricks and set in a valley. It contains a lavish garden, several courtyards, a bronze statue of Issac Blake Parson dressed as an Arthurian knight, a bell tower, and a huge gateway, where the gates are made from steel. It’s interconnected to many smaller buildings and scores of small cabins scattered around a huge field.
  • The village: called Glasnost, which the villagers affectionately called “Camelot” after the King Arthur legends. located next to the school.
  • Michael Rasputin: Don’t let the name Rasputin fool you; Michael is nowhere near related to the infamous Gregory Rasputin (1872-1916) the Russian mystic who practically destroyed czarist Russia.
  • Gladys’s age upon coming to Merlin’s: She was 23 in 1981.
  • Gladys’s children: Everett Jesse, Agnes, & Stanley Tuff, and Aurelien, Justin, Yvaine, & Jérémie Larson. Rasputin is reported to be their father.
  • Squibs: Squibs were historically mistreated by wizards and other magical beings in most countries around the world. Most of them were sent to Merlin’s for safety reasons.

Well, that seems to be about it. I’ll let you all know when I’m starting the story back up again!

Yeah. This sounds like a great idea for a story. I know I will be writing it…eventually! But under a different title.

And after I finish up the original story.

Well, it’s taking me a while to finish it up, but not to worry, I haven’t abandoned it completely. I just need to get the rest of the fanfic knocked into place.

And when that’s done, I can begin with the series, which could be big.

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