The Secret Library Guardians Series

Quickly becoming my most-anticipated story, “The Secret Library Guardians” has the things to make it awesome, such as a young boy and girl being plucked out of their own world and brought to a different world, which is being powered by steampunk technology, and it is in turmoil.

Well, that sounds just about right.

14-year-old Elva Shepherd and 17-year-old Troy Branden are snatched from their homes and taken to Ostlea, an alternative version of planet Earth which is powered by Steampunk technology. They are taken to Greywyn Academy of Magic, a mysterious school filled with wizards, witches, fairies, elves, dwarves, vampires, and werewolves. There are also some human children there, mainly those who were taken from their homes as well.

Elva and Troy are renamed Rhiassa Twilight and Nevyn Meler. They are immediately trained by Salvatore Benat. Elva discovers a mysterious library hidden in the school. She and Troy encounter a young boy named Dlav Geinse, who had come to Greywyn Academy with Rose Ennerdy/Chasica Kip and Colby Assiter/Brummet Camwef 70 years before.

All five children swear to protect the library with their lives, as almost no one knows about the library and its secrets.

There is another story concerning an orphan named Hunter Shadowknight, whose family had been slain by agents working for an evil elf named Scaillus Shadowwolf, who is rumored to be controlling the Silverheart family, which is ruling Ostlea due to the massacre of the human royal family 100 years before Elva’s arrival. The Silverheart family is very cruel to the people of Ostlea, and most of them want to get rid of King Hoxarret and bring back his banished son, Evidizan Silverheart, who was banished when he protested against the treatment of the human residents of Ostlea.

Evidizan hides his two children, Geogorpo Heinesse and his sister Gregrien, in Greywyn Academy while he fights against the evils of his family’s empire. He is revealed to be Elva’s father due to a fact that he briefly stayed in Elva’s hometown of Namatius, Senzacion 14 years before. Elva and Troy meet the other human children  Zara and Zuza Qaren, Rista Blueflame, Gorder Granfeter, Tiona Tidwell, Kyler Dawn, and Tewand and Bepherz Oliq, and together, they go to protect the library from Shadowwolf and his agents.

Well, when I first made up the story,  it was supposed to be The Dark, Moody World Series, but then I suddenly found myself scrapping that plan in favor of a new idea, which came to me just as I had said series plotted out, which is the two kids are taken to a new school, where they are the rumored guardians of a secret library and they must guard that library from villains who wish to gain its secrets.

The name of the first book is called The Seventh Secret; it’s the beginning of a planned series about the library and the children who guard it. Will this story be as good as Harry Potter is not? We’ll see…

And now for a picture:

From left to right: Troy Branden/Nevyn Meler, Elva Sheppard/Rhiassa Twilight, Dlav Geinse, Rose Ennerdy/Chasica Kip, Colby Assiter/Brummet Camwef

other characters include: Hunter Shadowknight, Geogorpo Heinesse and his sister Gregrien Heinesse.


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