The Verdant Stars

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This story takes place before all known technology even existed.

According to my 2010 NaNoWriMo story “Harry Potter Sucks!”, a Christian author named D. J. Knight had written a 200-page story called “The Verdant Stars“, in which 3 magical beings find themselves stranded on Earth due to a war that devastated their world. They meet a young orphaned boy named David Summersley (who was being abused by his foster family) and they all go on a magical adventure which ranged from helping him escape from his cruel family, chasing a gnome halfway across the universe, and finding out the truth behind the deaths of Davey’s parents.

That story received critical reviews and applause from many people (mainly Christians) for its many Christian elements in it, from a fallen race, to a child away to safety as his people are slain, and it even included the story of a Christ-like figure who gives up his life to spare that of a traitor.

While the mayor of Daniel Dickens’s town wasn’t too impressed with the story, but scores of other people were. But that’s another story, as we are focusing on this one.


In the year 1839, when Queen Victoria was a very young woman who had taken the throne of England just 2 years earlier and technology was just beginning to be noticed, a young boy named David Summersley dreamed of living a better life than the sad excuse of an existence that he was living right now. He was made to be little more than a slave to the cruel, hideous and antisocial Groningen family, who mistreat him while demanding his eternal gratitude that he was not placed in the local orphanage. The Groningen family lived next door to an inventor named Vincent Delgutte and his hunchbacked assistant, Leonard.

Vincent was called “crazy” by the locals, as they see him as a person who is not normal for he does not work, he has no wife or children, and he doesn’t live in a decent house. Vincent, however, ignores their cruel comments and builds a spaceship with the intention of going to outer space one day. He and Leonard are the only people who show kindness to Davey since very few people in his village are allowed to do so.

On March 15, 1839, the villagers had had enough of Vincent’s weirdness and they go to his lab and commit him to an asylum. Leonard would be flogged and executed for merely existing, and Davey would be shipped off to Australia. But things go wrong and Vincent is killed in the melee. Davey and Leonard escape their own deaths by climbing into the spaceship and blasting off, much to the crowd’s astonishment. The police arrive and over 65 people are arrested for inciting a riot.

Leonard wakes up to find himself actually floating in outer space; the spaceship HAD worked after all! He goes to tell Davey of their good fortune, but Davey bemoans the death of their older friend and wishes that he could be with them on this historic journey. (Of course, this was the very first trip to outer space ever made by two people, but due to the events leading to said trip, it was not listed in the history books and over 100 years later, Russia (NOT ENGLAND) was the first country to send a man into space)

For nearly 3 days, the metal spaceship hurtles through space at the speed of sound, sending Leonard and Davey further and further from their home (for very few men, if any, dared to step out of their homeland) and towards a mysterious star system. Davey uses this time to comtemplate his entire life; he is only 12 years old. He discovers that his family was rich but due to the Groningen family’s influence, both Benjamin and Diana Summersley lost their inheritance and eventually, their lives. Davey is the only heir to the Summersley fortune, which is seized by the Queen herself and she has various members of the Groningen family arrested for theft, murder, and kidnapping in addition to child abuse.

Meanwhile, on the planet Gallandor, which is an alternative version of planet Earth, Ivorienne, her older brother Huben, and Prince Hunter are hunting for fruit at the edge of their crumbling village, Nyral Village. Ivorienne and Huben’s father, Honor, and many other people had been captured by the wicked witch Emselda the Savage, and the children’s mother was slain when she was trying to protect them from the Witch’s wrath. The chief of their village was forced to swear loyalty to the Witch, and he is to send most of his village’s crops to her as tributes.

Ivorienne notices that a strange object had crash-landed near her village. A few minutes before, Davey noticed that the spaceship was aproaching a planet that looked almost exactly like the Earth. He and Leonard find themselves hurtling towards that planet after an asteriod strikes them and it lands with a thud near a village.

Prince Hunter and Huben are too scared to approach the strange ship, but Ivorienne approaches the ship. Lying next to it was a young boy around Ivorienne’s age, which was 13. None of them knew that the boy was David Summersley, who had blasted off from his English village in a makeshift spaceship 3 days earlier.

Davey wakes up and sees Ivorienne. He finds out that his spaceship had crashed-landed on her planet; or better yet, near her village. Leonard also wakes up and finds Davey speaking with three strange young children. They explain to him that many years before, the Witch had invaded their homeland, poisined their king and queen and most of the royal family, leaving behind a young boy named Prince Star Seraph. He lives among them since his mother send him floating down a river in a basket during the massacre years earlier.

Davey and Leonard are taken to the village, where they meet Chief Saber and learn that the villages all over the planet had been destroyed by the Witch and many people are either dead or enslaved. Just then, a wise mage named Mist Faunareaper, the Chatelaine of Constellations, claims that Davey is the promised hero who was to deliver their planet from the tyranny of the Witch. She also claims that Prince Richard LionHeart would arrive. This gives hope to the villagers, yet Davey doubts that he could be the hero; after all, no one save for Leonard thinks that he is worth anything.

But when the Witch finds out that Davey is here, she is filled with fear, since an old monk told her before his death that there would be a young boy would bring about her death. She arrives at the village and demands that Davey and Leonard be brought before her. But the Mage had foreseen the execution of Davey and Leonard, so she sends them away along with Huben, Ivorienne, and Prince Hunter. The Witch spots them and gives chase, but she is forced back when the kids are spotted crossing the Euphunand River, which is the most dangerous river in all of Gallandor.

Meanwhile, in another part of Gallandor, namely the village of Chaelal Mire, Heartlen and AnnaJade were busy tending their families flocks of Giant Dauchsunds when they spotted 5 people being swept away by the river. Thinking quickly, they called the chief of their village, and he and his men reached over and fished the refugees out. The refugees were Davey, Leonard, and Huben, Ivorienne, and Prince Hunter of the Nyral Village. Ivorienne tells everyone that the strange boy is David Summersley, who was destined to defeat the Witch and help restore peace to their planet.

Many of the people could not believe that hope was right in front of them, but before anyone could speak, the Witch is spotted, which means that Davey and Leonard would have to escape once again. Heartlen and AnnaJade volunteer to help him get to the village of Pando Foothills, which is located several miles from Chaelal Mire. The Witch chases after the group until they reach the Espand Forest, which is the most dangerous forest in Gallandor. The Witch fears the woods; she had lost an entire regiment of troops in those same woods many years ago.

In the village of Pando Foothills, Grenley, Fabrose, and Lulabeth were sitting in their favorite tree when they see seven people running through the woods. They are revealed as Davey Summersley and Leonard from Earth, Huben, Ivorienne, and Prince Hunter of the Nyral Village, and Heartlen and AnnaJade of Chaelal Mire. The chieftess of the village is notified that the boy who had come to free them from the Witch’s tyranny has arrived at the village. She is pleased to learn of this; her people had suffered from the Witch’s cruelty for many years.

She then takes the group to the Doalvobe Camp, where scores of people from Gallandor and six other planets had gathered together along with scores of other creatures. They had all come to battle the evil Witch for the freedom of their worlds. Just then, a tall young man appears before him. His name was Prince Richard LionHeart and he would lead the fight to free the worlds from the Witch’s rule.

The Prince notices Davey and decides that he is to be trained immediately. At once, a group of beings known as the Verdant Stars come and guard the camp. Davey explains his entire life story as well as his travels and how and why he and Leonard left their homes and their lives behind.

For many days, Davey is content to train with the Prince and the warriors or explore the camp with his new friends. He would also wander around, thinkng about his past life and what had happened to the people of his old village. Leonard too is content to be among those who don’t question his strange looks.

But all good things must end, as a young hag-shaped creature is spotted on the eastern end of the campsite. No one knows what to do with her. She claims to have secret knowledge of the Witch’s plans to crush the rebellion. Davey decides to spare her when they ask him that she be executed. The Prince is pleased with Davey’s wise choice, but knows that severe repercussions would result from this merciful act.

Sure enough, the Witch herself shows up and demands that her servant be returned to her. The Prince refuses to give her up and tells her of a powerful magic that would be the end of her. That night, without Davey’s knowledge, He goes and gives himself up to the Witch as Ivorienne, Hartlen, AnnaJade, and Lulabeth watch in horror.

When the news of the Prince’s death reaches the camp, everyone is upset and some think of quitting. But Davey refuses to give up, not since he had already given up his life on Earth to come to give people hope and he refuses to back down.

The following morning, he and a desperate army meet the Witch’s forces at the Isouss Plain, where a huge battle is fought. Also, Ivorienne, Hartlen, AnnaJade, and Lulabeth (along with Tyen) witness the Prince’s return to life, as he sacrificed his life in the place of a traitor. They go down to the battle, where Davey defeats the Witch and victory is won.

Then after the worlds are restored to their original glory, the lost Prince is crowned King of Gallandor. All those who had been enslaved are set free and returned to their villages. Davey and Leonard are offered a chance to return home, but they refuse. The story ends with them wondering what became of their world.

Yup, it’s got a feel of the Chronicles of Narnia, but in an alternative world.

And guess what? It’s NOT Harry Potter!!!

first generation: Grenly, AnnaJade, Huben, David Summersley, Ivorienne, Fabrose, Lulabeth, and Hartlen

first generation: Grenly, AnnaJade, Huben, David Summersley, Ivorienne, Fabrose, Lulabeth, and Hartlen


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