White Mountain School of Magic

So, what if there was a magical school here in the U.S.?

After Lewis and Clark had a disappointing camp stay at the Glacier Mountains on the Marias River, two magical explorers who followed them began building an impressive school for young wizards at that site.

Within a number of decades, scores of children flooded into the school.

The school expanded and magic was taught there, but not just European magic. Other forms of magic were taught as well. The school is famous all over the world, yet Europeans think the school is too liberal in its teachings. But the people there held onto the principles that built the school, which were equality and the ability to fulfill one’s complete potential regardless of race, background or class. And that was also how the United States was founded.

So, is the school based on Hogwarts? Well, someone who like Harry Potter created this idea. But will it be part of a book? I hope so.

Link: http://www.spew.sedyn.net/whitemt/whitemt.html#menu


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