Who is Hayley Chame?

Contrary to popular opinion, Haley is not who you think he is. Which means he is not the secret love child of Lily Evans and Severus Snape. But he is significant to the story nonetheless. 

When I originally wrote The Story That Made No Sense, Hayley and Tyler were to be a couple. Yet when people begged me to make them a gay couple, I pulled the plug on that series. But the story about Hayley cannot be ignored, so I decided to put it back in to the new series that I’m writing, albeit a different outcome. Yet we don’t see much of Haley and this new story, as Hayley has already played his part.  

So what role will Hayley play in your new story?  

I’m glad you asked, Because while I have yet to decide what to do with Hayley right now, I see him as more of the delusional fanboy boy who is stalking Tyler as opposed to being Tyler’s love interest. At the same time, however, I hate to say it, but Hayley does not play a significant role in Tyler’s story.  Sad to say though, this is what happens when you create a character who doesn’t contribute anything to the story. 


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