Harry’s Wish

So, what exactly did Harry wish for?

In my now deleted series “The Series That Made No Sense”, Harry wished that he was never Harry Potter in the first place. Of course, that wish not only destroys his own life, but it destroys the lives of everyone around him. (To make things worse, Harry’s parents, James and Lily, never meet at Hogwarts, meaning that James marries a random girl and Lily ends up with Severus Snape.) Harry doesn’t realize that making that wish to never be Harry Potter was akin to him wishing that he was never born.

And to wish that you were never born is the worst wish to make.

So, what drove Harry to make that wish?

Well, it was a combination of his horrible childhood, never being genuinely loved and cared for, and being treated as a sacrificial lamb that drove him to doing what he did. (And of course, it was all Dumbledore’s fault Harry turned out the way he did, but I’ll tackle that in another blog post.)

Now that we know why Harry made his wish and what drove him to make that wish, you may wonder how the others reacted to him making that wish. Well, sorry to upset you, but I never had a chance to write their reactions before the story began. (And that’s something I will regret for the rest of my life.)


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