Meet the Characters

OK, here are some of the characters we will meet in this story:

  1. Tyler Julian Foster – Tyler is the main hero of this story. He has a huge imagination and loves to make up stories. Yet he often gets in trouble for having a vivid imagination and sometimes takes things a bit too far. When he is kicked out of Pinecastle Academy in England for causing a huge distrubance and is sent to Kegarth School of Magic in Canada (town to be decided later), Tyler realizes that he needs to shape up or else he won’t become the wizard he was meant to be.
  2. Matthew Larson – Matthew is Tyler’s best friend in Pinecastle Academy. He is often involved in Tyler’s imaginative stories. That was, until one of their games causes destruction to the school. Matthew and Tyler are separated when Tyler is sent to Kegarth School of Magic in Canada.
  3. Skylar Kressler – Skylar is Tyler’s other best friend and fellow roleplayer. She is often known as the voice of reason. But when Tyler is expelled from Pinecastle Academy and sent to Kegarth School of Magic, Skylar is upset, yet she had warned Tyler that his bad habits of ignoring the world would backfire.
  4. Hayley Chame – Hayley is Tyler’s friend and rumored love interest. This doesn’t please the headmaster of Pinecastle, and he tries to separate the two boys. When Hayley and Tyler are caught together one day, the headmaster expells both boys, sending Tyler to Kegarth School of Magic.
  5. Malcolm Durham – Malcolm is Tyler’s rival and worst enemy, as Tyler refused to be his friend when the boys were younger. The rivalry between them was what caused most of the trouble Tyler deals with in the story.

Of course, when Tyler goes to Kegarth School of Magic, he meets Jonah Clifford, Corey Griffith, Laurel Waterman, Helen Sterling, and Caleb Matthews. Only time will tell if they become friends or rivals, since Tyler’s reputation as a troublemaker is something that will hinder him for a while.


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